Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gun Gorilla Karate Mixer


Played like Paper, Rock, Scissors except that you play using the entire body. Pair everybody up and have each couple stand back to back. On the count of three, they turn around and act out either gun, karate or gorilla. Gun kills gorilla, gorilla kills karate, karate kills gun. Eliminate everyone until you have one person still alive. If a pair does the same movement three times, they are both out.

  • Punker (with hand on head like a Mohawk) beats Jock (with muscle pose) beats Cowboy (guns pose) beats Punker.
  • Michael Jackson (in moonwalk stance) beats Punker (headbanging) beats Rocky (hands in the air while running in place) beats Michael Jackson. Great for 80's Club.

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  1. Love the 80's idea! In Young Life we never like people to be "out" right? As is done at many young Life camps and clubs, have the loser crawl under the legs of the winner, then form a train and find another train to compete against. By the end you have two long trains.


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