Monday, April 26, 2010

Time Machine Skit

2 boxes of pizza, 2 boxes of zebra cakes, and about 15 bottles of Gatorade or something to drink, coffee machine or something to represent a time machine, garbage can (very important)

3 guys

Two of the guys set up in the front - one sitting the other standing next to their "time machine". One of the two guys calls out for the third to come over to where they are standing. The third guy comes into the room with a slice of pizza, a package of zebra cakes and a bottle of Gatorade, handing one item to each friend to eat or drink.

While eating and drinking their items, they talk about their new time machine and decide they want to go back 3 minutes in time. They all finish their food/drink and run back to original position. The same scene happens again, where the third friend comes out again with a slice of pizza, zebra cake, and
Gatorade. Continue this process until you run out of food and drinks or until the trash can is needed.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reminiscing Old Men Skit

old men costumes, 2 pitchers of water, 2 chairs

2 old men

Two old men, both with a pitcher of water in their hand, walk up to the two chairs in the front of the room. Sit down and start reminiscing about their "old age".

Example Statement:
Old Guy 1: "Back in my day us kids had to walk 8 miles through the snow to get to school."
Old Guy 2: "That's nothing. Back in my day us kids had to play with fire ants for sport."
Old Guy 1: "That's nothing. Back in my day us kids fought for sport...with sticks"
(You got the idea)

While one tries to come up with something crazy to say, the other is taking a drink. After the statement, the other man spits all the water in his mouth in the face of the other man, trying to get the kids sitting behind him wet as well. Keep going until you have spit all the water out at someone.

Thanks to Logan for the submission.

Marshmallow Treasure Hunt Mixer

kiddie pool, powdered milk, lots of cheap lucky charms, one piece of paper for each team, tape, pens

Setup: Before the game, each team will get a piece of paper with a grid on it. On the left margin, tape one of each kind of marshmallow. To the right of each marshmallow, draw five boxes on the paper. Split into teams with each team needing a "treasure hunter", several "treasure sorters" and a "treasure organizer." Fill a kiddie pool with water and mix in a box of powdered milk to give it a "milky" look.

Gameplay: As the game is about to start, pour a couple boxes or bags of Lucky Charms into the pool. When the game starts, the treasure hunter runs to the pool and gets a mouthful of the cereal. He/she brings it back and spits it out. The treasure sorters look through the pile for marshmallows and pass them to the organizer. The organizer then tapes the marshmallows according to their matching rows. The first team to fill all of their boxes with matching marshmallows wins.

Thanks to David for the submission.

Hiccup Skit

chair, mask, bandanna, glass of water, paper bag

hiccup person, masked person

You may sell this one as a time to think back about a time when you had the hiccups. Lights go off and back on (a little you sits in a chair facing club and hiccuping). Frustrated with the hiccuping you say aloud that you wish you could get rid of them. In back of you a person dressed in a mask, bandanna, or something like that sneaks up to try to scare you. Just as he/she is about to scare you, you shout, "I know, I’ll drink some water!" You jump up and the guy/girl behind dives the other way to avoid being seen (remember to keep hiccuping).

You come back with a glass of water, take a sip, but hiccup really hard and throw the water behind you onto the guy/girl as they began sneaking up on you again. Just as he/she is about to pounce on you again you stand and yell, "I know, I’ll stand on my head!"
You try this but hiccup again while upside down. Same scenario, you try to breathe in paper bag…as he/she gets close you pop it in frustration and he/she grabs their ears like you just made them deaf.

Finally after he/she regroups, they sneak up on you for the last time and you turn and scream at him/her. He/she jumps and you laugh and then realize you've lost your hiccups and leave excited.

The scared guy/girl gets up, takes off his/her mask, looks at the crowd, and hiccups. You may also do this in reverse by remembering back to the time you wanted to help someone with their hiccups.

Contagious Ward Skit

pregnant woman costume, nurse costume.

pregnant, nurse, 4 patients

The room is set up like a doctor’s office with a nurse at the desk. The first person comes in and says that they have an appointment to see the doctor and sits down. The second person comes in sneezing like crazy, says that they have an appointment and then sits down. Gradually the first person starts to sneeze and the second person sneezes less and less, until only the first person is sneezing. The second person notices that he/she isn’t sneezing anymore and then walks out.

Another person comes in coughing uncontrollably, says that they have an appointment, and then sits down. Gradually the first person starts to cough (while still sneezing) and the third person coughs less and less, until only the first person is coughing (and sneezing). The third person notices that he/she isn’t coughing anymore and then walks out. The same thing happens with someone who is itching all over, until finally a pregnant woman walks in. The first person screams and runs out of the room.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

If I Were Not In Young Life Skit


undertaker, birdwatcher, farmer, surfer, stewardess, ice cream maker, post, ballerina, etc.

You will need 5 people. Possible characters are: an The song goes, "If I were not in Young Life, I know just what I’d be. If I were not in Young Life, a ____________ I would be." And each person in turn jumps in and does his or her character all in rhythm.

Undertaker: "Well, well, well, you never can tell, if their going to heaven or if their going to…Well, well, well."
Birdwatcher: "Hark, a lark, flying through the park, splat."
Farmer: "Give, Bessy, give, the baby’s got to live!"
Surfer: "Hey, Dave, a totally awesome wave!"
Stewardess: "Here’s your coffee, here’s your tea, here’s your paper bag, blahh!"
Ice Cream Maker: "Ushy Gushy, ushy gushy, good ice cream."
Post: "A post, a post, a post. A post, a post, a post."
Ballerina: "Tippy, tippy toe, tippy toe, tippy toe."

The Fly In The Library Skit

books, table, 2 chairs


fly, 2 students

Two students are trying to study in a library. But they are bothered by a fly. They swat and hit the fly. But, they feel bad and do CPR, and then high-five the fly. Someone is in the back making the fly noises into a microphone.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dueling Nostrils Skit

concert costumes, instrument cases, penlights, and the Dueling Banjos song, Q-tips

2 duelists

Two duelists come in very seriously, dressed in concert costumes (maybe tuxedos), and instrument cases. They set their cases down, open then up, and then pull out Q-tips. They clean out their noses with the Q-tips, and then put the penlights up into their noses, which is the cue for the lights to go out and the music to start. They then go back and forth with one person following the guitar and the other following the banjo, lighting up the lights which makes their noses glow red. After the song is done they very seriously pack up their things and leave the room.

William Tell or Bohemian Rhapsody Skit

costumes (garbage bags maybe), a conductor costume, and music

instrument players, conductor

Play the song with different people or groups of people acting like they are playing the different instruments, with a conductor out front. At the end everyone falls into a pile.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Howdy Buckeroo Skit

cowboy costume, 2 warehouse costumes, 2 gun-and-holster sets (one of which should be loaded with blanks)

mechanical quick-draw cowboy dressed in full cowboy garb, 2 warehouse employees, third employee

If the leaders in your group have a tough time memorizing lines, this skit might be perfect for them. Only the mechanical quick-draw cowboy need remember any lines. They should be spoken in a mechanical manner: "Howdy Buckaroo. So you think you can beat me, eh? Put on the holster at my feet and on the count of three, draw! Are you ready? One...two...three!"

The skit begins with the two warehouse employees rolling in the mechanical slot-machine "cowboy" for storage. The extra gun-and-holster set is placed at the feet of the mechanical "cowboy".

The third employee walks in and seeing the robot, decides to try his luck. He reads the instructions printed on the chest of the mechanical man and then places a quarter in the slot. The robot winds up and gives the memorized spiel. The employee is unable to pick up the extra gun and holster set because it’s trapped under the boot of the mechanical cowboy. He panics and turns to run as the robot counts to three and shoots the employee.

Not to be outdone, the employee lifts the robot’s leg and puts on the gun set before inserting another quarter. He even practices his quick-draw skills several times. Feeling quite secure with himself, he insets another quarter. The message is repeated but this time the gun sticks in the holster and again he is shot.

For the final attempt, the employee pulls his gun, stands to the side and holds his gun to the robot’s head and inserts another quarter. The robot repeats the message except that this time the mechanical cowboy winds down in the middle of "two." The employee bangs on the robot a couple of times to get him moving again, but no response. Disgusted, he takes off the gun, sets his down at the robot’s feet and turns to walk off. The robot continues suddenly with the rest of the pre-recorded message, says "three" and shoots the employee.

M&M Commercial Skit

M&M’s, chocolate syrup, white gloves, suit

announcer, M&M eater

The eater, with white gloves on, opens a bag of M&M's and pours them into his/her hand. Announcer, in the suit, comes out and says: "M&M's: melts in your mouth, not in your hand." The eater shows white gloves, then spits out chocolate syrup.