Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reminiscing Old Men Skit

old men costumes, 2 pitchers of water, 2 chairs

2 old men

Two old men, both with a pitcher of water in their hand, walk up to the two chairs in the front of the room. Sit down and start reminiscing about their "old age".

Example Statement:
Old Guy 1: "Back in my day us kids had to walk 8 miles through the snow to get to school."
Old Guy 2: "That's nothing. Back in my day us kids had to play with fire ants for sport."
Old Guy 1: "That's nothing. Back in my day us kids fought for sport...with sticks"
(You got the idea)

While one tries to come up with something crazy to say, the other is taking a drink. After the statement, the other man spits all the water in his mouth in the face of the other man, trying to get the kids sitting behind him wet as well. Keep going until you have spit all the water out at someone.

Thanks to Logan for the submission.

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