Sunday, April 25, 2010

Marshmallow Treasure Hunt Mixer

kiddie pool, powdered milk, lots of cheap lucky charms, one piece of paper for each team, tape, pens

Setup: Before the game, each team will get a piece of paper with a grid on it. On the left margin, tape one of each kind of marshmallow. To the right of each marshmallow, draw five boxes on the paper. Split into teams with each team needing a "treasure hunter", several "treasure sorters" and a "treasure organizer." Fill a kiddie pool with water and mix in a box of powdered milk to give it a "milky" look.

Gameplay: As the game is about to start, pour a couple boxes or bags of Lucky Charms into the pool. When the game starts, the treasure hunter runs to the pool and gets a mouthful of the cereal. He/she brings it back and spits it out. The treasure sorters look through the pile for marshmallows and pass them to the organizer. The organizer then tapes the marshmallows according to their matching rows. The first team to fill all of their boxes with matching marshmallows wins.

Thanks to David for the submission.

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