Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twister Mixer

Twister spinner (optional)

Use the Twister spinner as normal, but have the students connect to the colors on clothes rather than the dots on the Twister mat. Everyone plays!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Extra! Extra! Newspaper Mixer

a few copies of the same newspaper

Split students into teams and give each team one copy of the newspaper. Then, call out different things that they need to find. You could shout out items with a single answer such as "Sale price of Panasonic 42" TV at Best Buy!" Or, you could shout out something like "first to find the word 'coach'"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Socks Off Mixer

None, but do in winter when most students will wear socks to club

Have students compete to take socks off other people while trying to keep their two socks on. The individual whose socks are on last wins. Although it has one winner, it's not really an elimination game because once your socks are removed, you still stay in the game to remove other people's socks. You could play it as an elimination game though where you're only allowed to remove socks if you still have one of yours on. Could also play it guys versus girls where the last one with socks wins it for your team (dodgeball-style). Lots of fun options!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Limitless Value

While, YL Playbook hasn't ordinarily been focused on club talks, I was in the midst of reading Sex God by Rob Bell and came across something that caught my attention from a YL perspective. I thought some leaders might find this illustration useful at some point.
Recently, I saw my friend Josh, who teaches fifth and sixth graders. He was preparing the lesson for that day and had his supplies with him: a large glass bowl, a can of beef, fatty tissue, sauerkraut, a jar of olives, some anchovies, and a hundred-dollar bill. I know - I was curious too. So I did exactly what you would have done. I asked him what his lesson was about. He replied, "I put all of the ingredients in a bowl, including the money, and then I mix it together. Then, when it doesn't taste good, I pretend I'm going to throw it away. At this point, the kids go crazy, telling me not to. I ask them why I shouldn't, and they say, 'Because it's valuable.' And then I counter with, 'But it smells and it's disgusting.' At which point they rush to the front, volunteering to reach into the bowl and pull out the hundred-dollar bill. Actually, I may have to start using a twenty for this lesson, because the last time I used a hundred, they trampled each other to get to the front. I then read to them from Genesis chapter one about how every single human bears the image of God and how no matter what else is mixed in there, a person still has limitless worth in God's eyes."
If I were to use this illustration, I'd use it for the sin talk, which can sometimes be difficult. I'd put the $100 in the bowl and mention how we were made in God's image. Over the course of the next five minutes or so, I'd then describe the ways that we have messed things up. Maybe tell a story of where I sinned, then, in goes the beef. Maybe another story about how I messed up, then in goes the sauerkraut. Then, I'd throw rhetorical/hypotheticals out to the kids - "Maybe you've...." In goes the anchovies. At the end, I'd leave them with questions like "Despite your sins - your bowl of nastiness - do you see your value or do you only see your anchovies?" "What do you think God sees when he looks at your bowl?" "Would you take this $100 bill out and put it right in your pocket?"

I believe God sees your limitless value, but He has to clean you off before He can put you back in his wallet. There's your segue for the cross talk.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Couch Club (Couch-a-Thon)

1 couch per team
enough trucks or cars and drivers to fit all kids and couches
1 digital camera per team
recommended: a laptop and projector
optional: "celebrity" judges
optional: T-shirts for winning team

Place kids into teams either by class or randomly - using a deck of cards works well. Announce that each team will be given X minutes (30 or 40 works, but is tight) to capture the 1 best picture of their entire team on the couch. Emphasize the deadline for teams returning. No other rules. Ensure that you have enough drivers from leaders, parents, or committee members. DO NOT let kids drive. Also, leaders need to be responsible in guiding teams to minimize risk associated with any trespassing, safety, or irritating local business owners. There will likely be disputes on whose was best so use impartial judges, if possible. Show all the pictures on a projector at the end of club and post them on Facebook to generate good buzz at school the next day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Melt that Ice Cube Mixer

A few large (tupperware sized-ish) ice cubes

Divide the group into two or three teams. Give a large block of ice to each group. The team has to melt the ice any way they can (i.e. crushing, breaking, friction, body heat etc.). Weigh before and after to determine winner. Prepare for water.