Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Socks Off Mixer

None, but do in winter when most students will wear socks to club

Have students compete to take socks off other people while trying to keep their two socks on. The individual whose socks are on last wins. Although it has one winner, it's not really an elimination game because once your socks are removed, you still stay in the game to remove other people's socks. You could play it as an elimination game though where you're only allowed to remove socks if you still have one of yours on. Could also play it guys versus girls where the last one with socks wins it for your team (dodgeball-style). Lots of fun options!

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  1. We just did this mixer tonight for our club. We were in a dry spell as far as kids getting crazy and wanting to do games, this REALLY got them out of their shell! It was such a blast and SOOOO funny! Definitely a great mixer!


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