Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peanut Whistlers Skit

cardboard, markers, shirts, shorts

dancing heads

Take a large piece of cardboard and make tall top hats (to cover head arms and chest). Guys take off shirts draw faces on stomachs (belly buttons as mouths). Put shirts on waists and shorts below that. Play music with whistling (Globe-Trotters, middle of Walk like an Egyptian by the Go Go’s) and let them dance through the room.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

"The Game" Skit

costumes, glasses and bottles, pistols, deck of cards, table, 6 chairs

Bartender, Gaylord Ravenal, Honest Tom Foolery, Just Plain Bill, Injun Joe, Manual Labor, Dirty Bert

(Narrator reads and kids or leaders act out and repeat their lines for... THE GAME!)
Perhaps you didn't know it, but for the past 25 years, has been the scene of a momentous occasion. In truth, this epic of the Old West has been going on for much more than a mere quarter century. We must go back to the thrilling era of yesteryear, when great herds of buffalo grazed the plains and bandits held up stage coaches. Yes, for many years in the boom town, now ghost town of Hudsonville, six men brought together by circumstances too unbelievable to believe - got ready to begin on an adventure that would strike feat into the hearts of men everywhere, and the adventure was called... THE GAME!

Every year these initial players played again in the same town this terrible game only they knew so well. Now the descendants of those men still keep alive the tradition sacred to their hearts by meeting once a year playing... THE GAME!

You have probably figured out by now that tonight, yes tonight, is the night that these men will meet and tonight here at , honored for the past 25 years by the players as their playing ground, will be played the most fantastic game. It is truly the most amazing phenomenon of the age... THE GAME! Truly it is a game of crime, of mystery, yes, even of death!

First there was Gaylord Ravenal 0f the notorious Mississippi Riverboat Gambler. For him, to win and lose a whole stake in one evening of pleasure is strictly commonplace. He is sly, underhanded and deadly with a pistol. Through the years many prizes have crossed the table his way, tonight he has traveled many miles at great expense for the sole purpose of mending his reputation.

Gaylord: (Comes in; fixes gun, has cigarette in mouth, shuffles the cards, and then misses.)

Second there was Honest Tom Foolery - the sheriff from Cut-up Creek. Old Tom is one of the best sheriffs money can buy. Tom never runs from trouble. But of course, he never looks for it either. Tom is a friend of gunmen, gamblers, train-robbers, horse thieves, and claims jumpers; he also has many enemies as a result of... THE GAME!

Tom: (Acts cocky, steps up to bar, watches Gaylord.. orders drink, gets it poured all over him.)

Third , there is Just Plain Bill - this is a man as hard as the rocks he digs. We would like to say more, but we can't because he is just plain Bill.

Bill: (Stumbles in, acts out of it.)

He has come for... THE GAME!

Fourth, there is Injun Joe 0f the last of the famous Apaches, one of Geronimo's right hand braves. Strong, silent, ruthless, and just plain mean. The scalps of many men have hung from his belt, some of them gathered in... THE GAME!

Joe: (Comes in and sits down, looks mean. Gaylord deal cards here. Bartender pours drinks.)

Fifth, there is Manual Labor. He's old fashioned and that's how he likes to play... THE GAME!

Manual: (Just sits down.)

And finally, there is Dirty Bert - dirtier than the dirtiest dirt. He was reared by a grizzly bear, educated by a coyote, whips his horse with a rattle snake. A ripsnorting, gun slinging, fist fighting, tough skinned galloot. Most feared hombre west of Pecos. He's been in so many wars that he is known in these parts as Pin Cushion Pete.

Bert: (Comes in, brushes off dirt, then pulls arrows out of body, looks at everyone’s cards, then knocks Manual Labor off chair after taking his cards. When Manual Labor pulls knife, Gaylord shoots him; bartender drags him out.)

Cards are re-dealt.

Bill: (Starts by sneaking cards.)
Joe: (Cuts off his hand.)
Bill: (Goes for Joe.)
Gaylord: (Shoots Bill; Bartender drags him out. Then hypnotizes Injun Joe and takes the cards he wants from him, then wakes him up. Bartender keeps pouring drinks and while watching game, pours drink on Honest Tom Foolery’s head.)
Bert: (Points out toward imaginary object and while all are looking, he takes all cards in the middle of the table.)

(Start with Injun Joe and each man gambles more and more, upping with more money and then objects until finally someone calls. Then, one at a time each man puts down his cards until Dirty Bert finally lays down his last card.)

Bert: (yells, frustrated) "Oh man, I’m the Old Maid again this year!" (Or, use whatever kids game kids in club would know.)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Statue In The Park Skit

small bottle of water

statue, Prof. Arthritic Kneecap

(Narrator reads and kids or leaders act out and repeat their lines. The skit begins with one person posing as a statue in the park (the thinker or the discus thrower). Another person introduces himself as Prof. Arthritic Kneecap, of the University of Amputation and Mutilation.)
After a long study the professor has discovered a way to revitalize the calcium deposited in joints of the human body, the painful and crippling effect of arthritis. In fact his solution will bring life to almost any old lump of calcium.

Professor: "Even this old statue." (He pours the bottle on the statue's head. Slowly it comes to life.)
Statue: "Boy, I've been standing like that for 1500 years."
Professor: "What is the first thing you want to do?"
Statue: "Kill 5000 pigeons with my bare hands!"

Friday, December 25, 2009

Granny's Candy Store Skit

3 five-year-old costumes, granny costume

Granny, 3 chairs, 3 five-year-old kids

Paint a verbal picture of the various kids acting as three chairs in Granny's store. Have three guys standing there, but with no parts to play. Have three kids come dressed up as five-year-olds. They ask granny for licorice, and she regretfully tells them she has none, they ask for several other kinds of candy and each time she says she just ran out. Finally, disgustedly, the little kids ask what kind she does have, and she says all she has left is these three suckers standing over here in the corner.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Coke Commercial Skit

coke bottle, bottle opener

4 people

Have one person standing, holding an unopened coke bottle, the next fellow holding a bottle opener, the other two doing nothing. The skit opens with the first examining the bottle very closely, then he passes it it on to the next. He opens the bottle and passes it on to the third person, he guzzles the entire thing and passes the empty bottle to the next person. The last person looks at the empty bottle with a sick look and burps as loud as he can.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pick Pocket Skit

2 trench coats, hats, watch, boxers, car keys, license plate, pacifier, liver, other ridiculous items

Freddy Fingers and Hands Harry

"Freddy Fingers" and "Hands Harry" meet and embrace each other. They tell where they've been in the last few years (like what prisons they were in, etc.), and as they say goodbye, one says to the other, "Oh you may want this." He give him back his watch. The exchange of articles that they have picked up from each other until one of them hands back the other's pair of boxers.

The thieves can also have a competition and embrace several times and show what they've stolen. The items that were stolen can escalate to a ridiculous level (i.e., car key, then license plate of the car, going back in time and stealing the pacifier from when they were a baby, their liver, etc.). Just be creative and practice. If done right, it'll bring the house down.

Herman The Trained Flea Skit


flea trainer

The trainer has a flea do various tricks, when suddenly he loses Herman. After searching for a while, a girl is brought forth who has the flea in her hair. The punch line is, "hey, wait a menute, this isn't Herman!" Really play it up.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rindercella And The Prandsome Hince (Young Life Moral Ending) Skit



(Narrator reads.)
Once upon a time in a pall smillage lived a prettle litty girl named Rindercella. Rindercella live in a hall smouse wither her mep-stother and her three sigly usters. Rindercella wanted to go to the bancy fall at the castle of the prandsome hince, but her three sigly usters made Rindercella flop the moors and hay at the stome (said with sadness).

After the three sigly usters had gone to the bancy fall, a gairy fodmother appeared and told Rindercella she could go to the bancy fall too. She waved her wagic mond and mad Rindercell a dretty press and some little slass grippers. Then she turned a kumpkin into a poach and four hats into roarses. But she had to be home when the strock cluck 12.

When Rindercella arrived at the sastle in her dretty prittle press the prandsome hince lell in fove with her. Boy were her three sigly usters mad... wow!! Then the prandsome hince and Rindercella pranced and pranced (demonstrate stupidly) all evening, but when the strock cluck 12, she ran stown the deps into the night. But the prandsome hince had noticed that Rindercella had slopped her dripper!

The prandsome hince knew if he could find the gretty pirl whose tootsy would fit the dripper, he would find his fove.

(Suspensefully...) Meanwhile, the gairy fodmother was so mad Rindercella had slopped her dripper she turned Rindercella into a rat and put her in the kumpkin! The prandsome hince came to their smouse and made the three sigly usters try on the dripper. Unfortunately, Matilda, the third of the three sigly usters fit the dripper. There was nothing left for the prandsome hince to do but to barry Matilda and they lived hunhappily ever ufter (sadly).

The storal of the mory is... when you go to a bancy fall, don't slop your dripper!

Ehe Thend!

Rindercella And The Prandsome Hince (Original Ending) Skit



(Narrator reads.)
Once upon a time in a coreign fountry there was a geautiful birl, whose name was Rindercella. And Rindercella had a mugly other and her two sigly usters. Also in this coreign fountry there was a prandsome hince and the prandsome hince was going to have bancy fall.

Rindercell's mugly other and her two sigly usters went out and brough dancy fresses for the bancy fall but poor Rindercella couldn't go because she had nothing but rirty dags. So on the night of the bancy fall, Rindercella's mugly other and her two sigly usters put on their dancy fresses and went to the bancy fall. And since poor Rindercella couldn't go she cat down and scried.

Suddenly, her gairy fodmother appeared before her and touched her with her wagic mond and turned her into a peautiful brincess and then gave her a kig boach and hix sorces so Rindercella could go to the bancy fall. So off went Rindercella. When she got to the bancy fall the pransome hince met her at the door. He had watched her come up in her kig boach and hix sorses from a widden hindow.

Rindercella and the prandsome hince danced all nigh long and the prandsome hince lell in fove with Rindercella. When the pransome hince was just about to quop the prestion, Rindercella heard the moke of stridnight so she turned, straced down the rairs and when she got to the stottom blep she slopped her dripper.

The next day the prandsome hince went all over his coreign fountry looking for the geautiful birl who had slopped her dripper. When he go to Rindercell's house he tried it on her mugly other, but it fidn't dit! He tried it on her two sigly usters but it fidn't dit. And he tried it on Rindercella and it fid dit! So they were mappily harried and lived appily ever hafter.

Ehe Thend!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

As The Stomach Turns Skit

ring, phony check

Lucille Lovelorn (guy), Philip Pharpar (holding picture frame), Franklin Pharpar (with ring and phony check), door (fist as doorknob), table (on hands and knees), telephone (person sitting on table, using arms as receiver), picture frame

(Narrator reads and kids or leaders act out and repeat their lines.)

Narrator: "And now, Young Life presents another episode in the continuing life drama, 'As the Stomach Turns.' Last time, luscious Lucille Lovelorn had spurned Dr. Preakbreak's advances because her precious Philip Pharpar would soon be graduating from law school and they would be married. Today's scene opens with Lucille standing next to the picture of Philip which is hanging on the wall of her apartments."

(Lucille is humming a happy tune to herself as she stares wistfully at her beloved Philip.)
Lucille: "Philip, I miss you so much" (as she caressed his cheek) "Hurry home to me." (Then, she kisses his picture passionately.)

(Suddenly, the telephone rings. Lucille prances to the table, picks up the receiver.)
Lucille: "Hello." (she smiles and says) "Oh, Gladys, it's you." (Then, she frowns darkly. Philip has found someone new. Philip had told Gladys to tell Lucille goodbye forever. Lucille slams down the receiver angrily and begin to cry. She run over to the picture of Philip and screams) "You loser."

(Then, she slaps the picture viciously, and begins to cry louder. She takes the picture of Philip and turns it to the wall and cries even louder. Then, she throws herself on the floor and cries louder. Suddenly, Franklin Pharpar, Philip's younger brother, approaches the door and begins to knock vigorously. Lucille gets up, straightens her hair and skirt, and jerks open the door. Franklin enters the room quickly.)
Franklin: "Lucille, have you been crying?"
Lucille: "What's it to you batface?" (Then, slaps him painfully across the face.)

(Franklin slams the door as viciously as Lucille had slapped him.)
Lucille: "I'm sorry." (Then, begins to weep upon his shoulder.) "Philip left me." (She sobs as she points to the telephone.)
Franklin: "Tommyrot" (as he steps back quickly.) "He does love you. He sent me with this for you." (Lucille gives a shriek of joy as she takes the ring from Franklin's hand. She then gives Franklin a big hug. She leaps to Philip's picture and spins it around to face her.)
Lucille: "I love you too, darling." (Then, she kisses his picture even more passionately than before. )

(Lucille begins to dance around the room with Franklin. Suddenly, the telephone rings again. Lucille hops to the phone and jerks up the receiver.)
Lucille: "Hello, hello, hello" (she sings.) "Oh, Philip, it's you." (But, then a frown clouds her face: he had found someone else, they were through. She slams down the receiver and angrily throws the ring to the floor. Then, she whirls and slaps Franklin.)
Lucille: "You are a liar." (Then, she jumps to Philip's picture.) "You are a worthless animal!" (Then she slaps his picture mercilessly. Then she wrenches the picture from the wall, and throws it to the floor.)

(Franklin drops to one knee and clasps his hands.)
Franklin: "But I love you , my flower," (he sings.) "And I have something more valuable than a ring for you, my pet."

(Then Franklin pulls a check from his pocket for the amount of _______. Here was the supreme gift. He wants to pay her way to . Lucille squeals with delight.)
Lucille: "What a lovely thought darling."

(They embrace happily. Then they walk over Philip's picture and out the door to their new life ahead.)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Brady Bunch Skit

costumes, paper bag with steaks, black makeup for black eye

Mike, Carol, Greg, Bobby, Peter, Cindy, Jan, Marsha, Alice, Tiger, Sam the Butcher, Table 1

In the kitchen Table 1 is there.

(Narrator reads and kids or leaders act out and repeat their lines.)

(Greg and Marsha walk in.)
Greg: "Marsha, you're a pig."
Marsha: "Well, so are you."

(Greg and Marsha say more insulting things... Then, they start hitting each other... Alice walks in.)
Alice: "Stop! Try to be good!"

(Marsha and Greg begin to hit Alice... Mike and Carol walk in.)
Mike: "You kids stop that fighting right now or we'll make you sleep in and not go to Campaigners this week."

(Kids immediately stop. They look penitent. Alice also.)
Carol: "Now, that's better! Why can't you kids behave more like _______ and _______, your Young Life leaders?"
Mike: "Well now Carol, even we aren't that good."

(Everyone shakes their heads and nods in agreement. Bobby and Cindy and Tiger come in (Tiger on all fours).)
Mike and Carol: "Hi kids!"
Bobby and Cindy: "Hello Mom and Dad."

(Tiger wags his tail, barks, licks Mike and Carol on their hands. Mike and Carol pat his head. Tiger goes under the table where he rolls out his tongue and pants loudly and happily. Sam the Butcher comes in with Peter and Jan. Jan holds her hand over her left eye.)
Sam: "Hi everyone."
Everyone: "Hi Sam!"
Sam: "Here's your steaks!" (Sam holds the steaks up.)
Alice: "Oh Sam, you're a fine man!" (Gives Sam a hug.)
Sam: "You're a fine woman." (Gives Alice a kiss.) "Say Alice, let's get married."
Alice: "OK!" (Everyone cheers.) "But maybe we should first ask the Young Life leaders to make sure it is a really good idea."
Bobby and Jan say: "Oh, good idea!"

(Everyone nods and murmurs in agreement. Suddenly, Tiger grabs a steak from Sam and hides under the table. Sam bellows and jumps onto the table and tries to reach Tiger. Tiger shoots out, runs around all the people with Sam in pursuit. Tiger runs to Jan and gives her the steak for the black eye she just happens to have.)
Jan: "Oh Tiger, you're wonderful!" (She hugs the dog and covers it with burning kisses. Tiger licks her face.)
Bobby: "Yes, you're the best dog there ever has been." (He hugs the dog and pats him on the head. Tiger licks Bobby's hand.)

(Mike puts his arm around Carol)
Mike: Because you're all so good, I'll take you all out to dinner and then we'll go to a Pistons playoff game and afterwards we will all go out for ice cream where I'll give you keys to new cars."
Carol: "Oh Mike, what a good idea! What good parents we are!"

(However, all the kids look glum and groan.)
Mike and Carol: "What's wrong?"
All kids: "But parent, there is Young Life tonight and we don't want to miss it!"

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beverly Hills 90210 - The Lost Episode Skit


Brenda, Brandon, Mr. and Mrs. Walsh, Donna, Dylan, Bow Wow (Dylan's new dog), the lamp, the doorbell, the table, the chair

(Narrator reads and kids or leaders act out and repeat their lines.)

(Enter Brenda and Brandon)
Brandon: "Hey, Bren, whats up?"
Brenda: "Not much, Brandon. What do you think of my new hairstyle?" (Runs left hand slowly through hair then smiles a subltle smile.)
Brandon: "I don't know, Bren. Let me turn the lamp on so I can see you better." (Turns 3-way lamp on brightest setting. Lamp gains intensity from each of 3 arm pulls. Brandon gets look of horror on his face. Brenda gets look of anguish on her face. Brandon screams loudly. Brenda screams louder.)
Brenda: "What's the matter?"
Brandon: "Nothin' sis. I just thought that I saw a bunch of rattlesnakes on you read, but it was probabaly just poor lighting."

(Enter Mr. and Mrs. wash. He sits in the chair. She briefly sits on his lap, then decides to sit on the table.)
Brenda: (whining voice) "Mom, Dad, Brandon just insulted me."
Mrs. Walsh: (hands on hips, sighs heavily) "Now, Brandon, apologize to your sister."
Mr. Walsh: (scowls, then says sternly) "Yes, Brandon, Apologize, but Brenda, first go take that owl's nest off your head."

(Doorbell rings. Enter Donna, hopping up and down ever so slightly; and Dylan, swaggering and studly.)
Dylan: (wrinkles forehead) "Hey, everybody."
Everyone: "Hey, Dylan."
Dylan: "Do you mind if my new dog Bow Wow comes in?"
Mr. Walsh: "No problem, but if he makes a mess on the floor, you have to clean it up."
Dylan: "No problem, big guy. I'll just use that floor mop on top of Brenda's head. Come in, Bow Wow."

(Doorbell rings, Bow Wow enters panting heavily, says his name, sniffs Donna's ankle.)
Donna: "Ooooooh. Icky ucky, pooh. He's slobbering on my new outfit."

(Bow Wow says his name again, moves over to the lamp, thinks about doing something lies on his back with feet pointed in the air instead.)
Brenda: (looks enviously at Donna) "Nice outfit, Donna, where'd you get it from?"
Donna: (giggles, scrunches her nose) "From Pierre's-To-Go on the Boulevard. I wanted one of those maroon and white outfit like those kids at ISS wear, but they were all out. Nice hair, by the way - I didn't know that you got the part of the scarecrow in the school play."
Brenda: (whining again) "Mom, Dad, I just can't face the kids at school looking like this. That hunky Trevor Wimer guy that I want to notice me won't even take a second look."
Mrs. Walsh: (smiling as only a mother smiles) "Well, we were going to wait until tonight to tell you our surprise, but I guess we'll tell you now instead. Go ahead, honey."
Mr. Walsh: (smiling as only a father smiles) "Just this morning I was eating my third bowl of Frosted Chocolate-Covered-Sugar-Bombs cereal, when I found a Lucky Draw ticket in the box, it said that my wife, two kids, two of their friends, and one of their friends' pets (the other characters look at each other and nod; Bow Wow says his name and smiles a doggy smile) had just won a free three-week trip around the world. Wowsy, huh!"
Brandon: (exhales while shaking his head slowly) "Wowsy, indeed, Pop, but I can't go, and my guess is that Bren, Dylan, Donna, and Bow Wow aren't interested, either."
Brenda, Dylan, Donna, Bow Wow: "That's right, Mr. and Mrs. Walsh - but thanks for the offer."
Dylan: (wrinkling forehead again) "A three-week trip would mean three weeks away from Young Life, and that's something I can't deal with. Those (leader's names) dudes and their friends are some of the hippest folks I know. Plus, they give me hair advice."
Brenda: (stroking Dylan's hair) "Wow, do you think they can help me with mine?"

(Everyone looks bewildered. Doorbell rings. All but Bow Wow rush to answer it and leave. Brenda starts to cry. Bow Wow licks her hand, and Brenda screams and starts to chase him. Bow Wow knocks over the lamp, the chair, then the table. Brenda chases him out the door.)

The Homecoming Dance Skit

uniforms, flowers, telephone, music, lipstick, lemon, mouthwash, Lysol

Joan Junior, Stanley Stud, Freddy Freshman, Barlow the Dog, Couch and Table

(Narrator reads and kids or leaders act out and repeat their lines.)

Also, include dropping someone on a table, dog licking face, flexing muscles and a kiss on the cheek. Costumes are very important.

Our story opens and the home of beautiful Joan Junior, five days before the homecoming dance. Joan is sad and forlorn because she has no date for the dance. She sits on the couch and pets her dog Barlow, saying, "Oh Barlow, I feel like such a low-life scum poodle... I wish someone would invite me to the homecoming dance." Barlow sensing his owner's displeasure, licks her hand, slobbers on the couch, and lies down. Joan rubs her nose and gazes off into the distance sighing.

Suddenly the phone rings (ring). Joan wipes her arm on the dog and picks up the phone. Stanley Study, a cool, highly attractive and all-around legend-in-his-own-mind kind of a guy is on the other end. He says he would like to come over and ask Joan something very important. Joan says, "I'll be waiting for you here, liver lips."

Joan knows that Stanley Study is coming over to ask her to the dance. Realizing that she is short on time to get ready, she does her lip exercises, bites a lemon so she can pucker up for tonsil hockey, puts on lipstick, gargles and sprays herself with Lysol.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door. The dog barks and wags its tail, Joan yells, "coming my little sweet treat." Joan flings open the door, only to find that it's not Stanley Stud but Freddy Freshman holding flowers and drooling at her door. "What do you want, you pencil neck geek?"

Freddy hand her the flowers, gets down on his knees, ans says timidly while drooling "O Joan, I realize that I am nothing but a utter scraping amoeba but would you go to the dance with me?" Joan kicks him and says, "Not on your life moose breath!"

Suddenly there is another knocks at the door. Joan opens to find suave, hip and sophisticated Stanly Stud, who says, "Hi Joan, it is I, Stanley Stud."

Joan nearly faints, falls into Stanley's arms and say, "Stanley, you're so hot!" Stanley says, "You're so right!" Stanley suddenly sees Freddy on the floor and says, "What's that pond scum doing here?"

Before Joan can answer Freddy jumps to his feet and says "I've come to ask Joan to the dance, you highly mature and excellent dude." Barlow wags his tail, licks Freddy's hand and burps. Stanley laughs and says, "That will be the day!"

Freddy suddenly gets an idea, "Tell you what, let's have a dance contest and the winner gets to take Joan to the homecoming dance, okay?" Stanley laughs so hard he falls down. Then he gets up and says, "You turnip head, everybody knows that I'm the best and funkiest dancer in the whole school! You won't have a chance!"

The music comes on and Stanley dances with Joan. After they are done, Stanley turns to Freddy and says, "Beat that buckaroo!"

Suddenly Freddy starts to shake, the lights go off, and the music comes on. Freddy dances like no one on earth. As the lights come on, Joan screams, "Freddy, you're my hero! Not only will I go to the dance with you, I'll even pay for dinner!" The two go off hand in hand. At the close, we see Stanley Study standing in the room weeping. Barlow the dog comes over and licks his hand and walks out.

Act Like A Monkey Game


Select three kids to compete for the best, most outrageous monkey impersonation. Blindfold three people, then tell them to all act like monkeys, but take the blindfolds off all but one. Have the others make monkey noises.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Get That Marshmallow Game

15 marshmallows, 3 strong rubber bands, string, tape

String up three sets of five marshmallows in three lines on the ceiling using tape. Call up three kids. Then have them put a rubber band that is attached to something (or someone) stable under their nose. The goal is for the kids to race forward and eat all five marshmallows in front of them first.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Man on Fire

The ending from Man on Fire is a brilliant illustration of Christ-like sacrifice. John Creasy (Denzel Washington) gives his life so that Pita Ramos (Dakota Fanning) can have life, just as Jesus' death gave us life.
It could very effectively be used as part of a club talk or a campaigner lesson. Plus, it's a really good movie and kids know Denzel and Dakota Fanning.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Inversion Relay Mixer

marking tape

Divide into teams of 15 or 20. Have everyone stand in order between two lines (marked out by marking tape) that are 18 inches apart. On a signal, #1 changes with #20, #2 with #19, etc. without moving outside of the lines.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Beach Ball Waddle Relay Mixer

2 beach balls, 2 cones

Split group in two teams. Each team sends two people at a time. The couples lock arms back to back and hold a beach ball between them. They try to get around a cone and back without dropping the ball.

Raw Biscuit Relay Mixer

raw biscuits

Split into several teams. Teams pass raw biscuit on their foreheads to see which team can complete the relay first.

Clothes Relay Mixer

2 sets of clothing

Split into two teams. Have teams line up parallel to each other. First person in each team puts on their set of clothing (sweatshirt, sweatpants, hat, etc.) and runs to the end of the room and back. The next person puts on the clothes and runs to the end of the room and back, etc. Race to see which team completes relay first.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Human Scrabble Mixer

cards with letters on them, string

Two groups of kids line up at the front of the room. Each kid gets a letter hung around his or her neck on a card. All the letter in each group spells a word, but it is all scrambled up. At a signal, each group must arrange themselves to properly spell the world. The first group to do so wins.

Brother and Sister Game

3 chairs, large sheets of paper, 3 markers

This game is very similar to the Newly Wed Game, but instead of newlywed, use three brother and sister couples. They must work together to score the highest points possible to win. The brother is sent out of the room and the sister answers a series of questions about her brother. She records her answers on a large sheets of paper. When the brother returns, he sits in a chair with his sister standing behind him holding up her written answers. If their answers match, the couple gets a point. Repeat this process by sending the sister out of the room and asking the brother to answer questions. Tally the scores and award the prize. The answers are usually hilarious.

Questions to the sister about her brother:
  1. What is the dumbest thing your brother has ever done?
  2. What is his favorite food?
  3. What do you dislike most about your brother?
  4. Describe your brother in one word.
  5. What is the meanest thing he has ever done to you?
  6. What does he spend most of his time thinking about?
  7. If you had one wish, what would you wish about your brother?
  8. What is his favorite TV program?
  9. How often does he take a bath/shower?
Questions to the brother about his sister:
  1. What does your sister spend most of her time doing?
  2. If you were your sister, what would you change about yourself first?
  3. About how many arguments do you have with her each week?
  4. Who obeys your mom and dad best, you or your sister?
  5. How old was your sister when she kissed her first boy?
  6. What animal is your sister most like?
  7. What is your sister's favorite subject?
  8. How long does she talk on the phone each day?
  9. Does she chase boys?

Cookie Tower Game

Ginger Snaps or Nilla Wafers

Get teams of 3 up front. Each team member is armed with cookies. (Ginger Snaps are usually the best; however, Nilla Wafers will do in a pinch.) Within one minute, the team members must stack their cookies, one on top of the other, on one person's forehead. The team with the most cookies stacked wins.

Bagpipes Mixer


Divide your group into three sections. The first section (of just guys) sings "oh" continuously while lightly hitting their Adam's apples with the side of their hands. The second group sings "ah" and rhythmically pinches their noses giving both a straight and nasal tone. The third group holds their noses and to the tune of "The Campbells Are Coming" sings using the "da" sound. Done correctly, this really does sound like bagpipes, provided the kids can keep from laughing.

Stuff 'Em Mixer

pairs of pantyhose, (blindfolds)

Divide the group into teams of four kids each. Give each team a pair of pantyhose and explain that the team will have two minutes to place as many personal items as possible into the pantyhose. (You may want to have extra items on hand just in case some teams come up short.) Each item should be inserted through the waist end of the pair of pantyhose without tearing them. Declare the team with the most items inside the pantyhose the winner. You could try blindfolding participants too.

Kid's Shapes Game

3 shape sets, 3 blindfolds

Get three of the little kids toy that has all different kids of shapes inside that has to go through the right holes in order to get inside. Blindfold all three participants and have them race to see who can finish the quickest. Possibly even put all the pieces in one big pile.

Build A Firm Foundation Mixer

Lincoln Logs sets

Divide the group into teams of six players or less. Provide each team with a Lincoln Logs set and have them build the biggest structure they can in an allotted amount of time.

Puffed Up Mixer

balloons, rolls of masking tape, obstacle course

Divide the group into two or more teams with three to four people on each team. Give each team a roll of masking tape and thirty balloons. On your command, have members of each team roll the masking tape (sticky side out) around one of their teammates below the neckline. Next, have kids blow up their balloons as quickly as they can and stick as many as possible to the taped-up team member.

When the balloons have been attached, have the player go through the obstacle course and back to the team. Balloons that fall off during the race can't be re-attached. The team that has the most balloons still attached when the balloon person finishes the obstacle course wins the game.

Soap Shrink Mixer

bars of soap, kiddie pools

Divide into teams. Give each team a large new bar of soap. Provide one or more kiddie pools (enough for everyone to have access) filled with water. On "go" have teams race to shrink their bars without breaking them. Call time after five minutes. Award hotel-sized bars of soap to the team with the smallest bar of soap.

Who Do You Love Game


Take three kids out of the room. Bring them in one at a time and ask them to say, "who do you love?" The idea is for them to say the actual words, "who do you love?" The audience is clued in on the joke.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Straw Mumble Game

6 straws

Have six kids up front and give each one a straw. They must get the entire straw in their mouth without using their hands. It's harder than you think. The first person done wins.

Straw Contest Game

straws, cups, water

Each contestant receives two straws and a cup of water. One straw is to be put in the cup and the other is not. However both straws are to be inserted in their mouth (makes it hard and funny to have them drink). Then they race to see who can suck the water out the fastest.

Dark Draw Mixer

sheets of paper, pens, prize

Everyone in the group is given a sheet of paper and a pen. They are given five minutes or more to draw what they want. But the lights are all turned out during the time of drawing. The pictures are judged and winner gets a prize

Strawless Relay Game

3-4 straws

Have three or four kids put one end of an ordinary drinking straw in their mouths. Have them all start at the same time and try to get their mouth from one end of the straw to the other without using hands (only mouths and tongues).

Screaming Contest Game


Hold a screaming contest. Judge for loudest or most impressive.

Balloon Blow-Up Game


Have three co-ed teams. The girls holds the balloon while the guy blows it up until it pops. Switch. They race for most balloons popped in a set time.

Sunglasses Spit-Wad Game

2 sunglasses, 2 straws, paper

Put sunglasses on two kids. Two other kids will try to get the most spit wads on their sunglasses using straws.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shoe Tie Mixer

shoes with laces

Divide all the people into groups of three. Taking turns, have two people untie and then retie the laces of the group with one person using his left hand and the other person using their right hand. Put a time limit on it. Race against two groups.

Grape Toss Mixer


Divide into teams of about ten. Each team gets into a circle and appoints one member to be the grape tosser. He gets a bag of grapes and stands in the center of the circle. When the signal is given, he tosses a grape to each team member in the circle, on at a time, and the team member must catch the grape in his mouth. The tosser cannot toss to the next player until a successful catch is made. The first team to toss all the way around the circle is the winner.

Kool-Aid Taste Off Game

3 chairs, 3 packets of Kool-Aid

Ask three volunteers to sit in chairs facing the rest of the group. On a signal they each open a different flavored packet of Kool-Aid. They then lick just one finger and dip it into the packet. The person who in that manner is the first to eat all of the Kool-Aid in the packet wins. It's hilarious because they do not anticipate it being so sour, and they usually end up with it all over their lips.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blanket Mixer


Make sure everyone knows everyone's first and last name. Divide the group into two teams on each side of the room. Two leaders hold a balnket up in the middle of the room. Each team puts one person in front of the blanket. On the count of three, the leaders drop the blanket. Each person tries to say the other person's name standing on the other side of the blanket first. The faster person captures the other and brings that person over to their side. Continue until each person has had roughly two chances. The team with the most perople wins.

Musical Squirt Gun Game

2 squirt guns

Have a group of six or seven up front. A loaded squirt gun is passed around until the music stops or until the leader says, "stop." The person who is holding the squirt gun at that time must leave the game. But before he leaves, he may squirt the person on his left twice or on his right twice or once each. The last person is declared the winner.

The gun must be passed with two hands and received with two hands (otherwise it will be frequently dropped and may break). It is best to have a second loaded squirt gun on hand to be substitute for the empty one. An assistant can refill the original gun, while the second one is being used. Be sure to emphasize that only two squirts are allowed, or you will be continually refilling the squirt guns.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Name That Person Mixer

index cards, pens

Divide into two even teams. For larger groups, divide into four teams and have a playoff with the two winning teams and two losing teams. Give each person a blank index card and have them write five little known facts about himself and sign his name. (Examples: I have a pet snake, my middle name is Hortense, I was born in Mexico City, I hate pizza, etc.) Collect all the cards and keep separate stacks for each team.

The game is now ready to play. The object is to name that person on the card that the leader draws (from the other team's stack of cards) in as few clues as possible. Begin by opening up the bidding between the teams, (for example: "we can name that person in five clues!" or "we can name that person in four clues!" etc.). The team that wins the bidding has five seconds to guess after the reading of the appropriate number of clues. Appoint a referee.

Play-Doh Pictionary Mixer

cards, 2-4 cans of Play-Doh

Player sculpts objects for their team to guess, then passes the Play-Doh to a teammate. Have cards of words or phrases that would work (possibly use duplicate cards for each teams and time the teams).

Sleeping Bag Wrestling Game

2 sleeping bags

Have four people come up front. Put sleeping bags over two of them as they stand on their knees. They have to wrestle the other person to the floor. Then have the next two go, and finally have a championship round. Usually the heaviest person wins so try and pick people that weigh about the same.

You can play a trick on one of the kids, by taking the bag off of the girl in a girl vs. guy round.

BB Butts Game

2 frying pans, BBs, 2 straws

Girls hold frying pans over their butts while guys shoot BBs through straws and see how many times they hit.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Gum Un-Wrap Game

4-5 pieces of bubble gum

Four or five people are given a piece of gum with wrapper. They must unwrap it in their mouth and blow a bubble.

Honey, If You Love Me Please Smile Game


Have three guys and three girls come up. Each tries to make one of the opposite sex smile.

Mr. Blockhead Game


Contestants stack different sized blocks. MC is wearing a box block over his head and makes a big deal of the game.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gum And Flour Game

flour, gum, tray

Bury a few pieces of gum in flour. Without using their hands, three kids must find the gum and blow a bubble.

Putting On The Lips Game

2 tubes of lipstick, paper towels, (2 trash bags)

Call up two guys and two girls. The guys hold the lipstick in his mouth and puts it on the girls' lips. You may want to put a trash bag on the girl, just in case

Marbles In Jell-O Game

2 roasting pans, 2 packets of Jell-O, tarp, marbles

Put marbles in a roasting type pan (use a dark colored Jell-O). Put a tarp or paper towels on the floor. Have two kids for each pan of Jell-O. Using only one foot they must race each other to find the marbles.

Marshmallow Pitch Game

miniature marshmallows

For this game, have your kids pair off and give each pair a sack of miniature marshmallows. Each pair should also have a neutral counter. One person is the pitcher, the other the catcher. On "go," the pitcher tosses a marshmallow into the catcher's mouth, and the catcher must eat the marshmallow. The pitcher and catcher should be about ten feet apart. The counter counts how many successful catches are made. The couple with the most at the end of the time limit or the first to reach twenty successful catches is the winner.

King Of The Goats Game


Choose a "goat" from the group (or one from each team) and have him/her removed while the groups are given instructions. The crowd (one group) is instructed to stand on the sidelines and shout instructions to the goat, while the circle group (the other group) is told to form a circle holding hands. The goat is to be put in the center of the circle blindfolded.

At the signal, the goat is to start chasing the circle and the circle is to move as a whole to avoid being caught. When the goat is ready to start, the circle group is instructed in his presence to move around silently. As soon as the start signal is given, the crowd starts shouting instructions to the goat, such as, "go to the right, the right, now go back, straight ahead."

The moment the game starts, the circle team, instructed before the goat arrived, immediately disbands and joins the crowd, leaving the goat in an empty space. Let the goat run for a short time or until the goat guesses what is going on. Be sure you choose someone for this who can handle it.

Spam Roulette Game

can of Spam, spoons, fun facts about Spam

Call up people to the front. Play music as they pass the Spam around. When the music is stopped, the person holding it must choose a person on his right or left. That person must answer a trivia question about Spam. If they cannot answer, they must take a bit of Spam.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Game

2 dollar bills

Two guys who have wallets each face the other and see who can "draw" his wallet the fastest and stick it in his mouth (gunfighter style). Another way to do this is to ask for two people who want to win two dollars. When they come up, give each a dollar bill, which they must put in their wallets and place back in their back pockets. On the signal, they go for their wallets, gunfighter style, and each must take the dollar out of his wallet, put it on the floor and then sit on it. The last guy to do so has to give the other guy his dollar, and he loses.

Submarine Ride Game

table, jacket

A volunteer lies flat on his back on a table with a person at each arm and each leg. The legs are the left and right rudders. The arms are the torpedoes one and two. A jacket is put over the volunteers head with one sleeve directly over his nose. This is the periscope.

The captain (you) yells "left rudder!" (person on left raises leg), "right rudder!" (raise right leg), "torpedo one!", "torpedo two!" (raise arms). "Up periscope!" (sleeve is lifted straight up). "Dive! Dive!" (you pour water down sleeve and into the volunteer's face). You can use the Beatles' Yellow Submarine as intro/background music.

The Un-Banana Game

2 bananas, 2 bottles of 7-Up

Ask for two volunteers. Give each kid a banana and a bottle of 7-Up. Tell them they must eat the banana first then drink the bottle of 7-Up as fast as possible. The first one finished wins. Sounds easy. But watch what happens when the 7-Up mixes with the half-chewed banana.

Banana On A String Game

bananas, string

Tie strings around several peeled bananas and hang them from the ceiling. Ask for volunteers to race to see who can eat the banana first without touching it with their hands.

Doctor Banana Game

2 bananas, toothpicks, needles, tape

Have two team peel and cut a banana into equal parts (don't tell them what comes next when they are cutting). Then tell them they must put the banana back together using toothpicks, needles, tape, whatever. The team with the best reconstructed banana wins.

Strength Test Game


Use a flat, ordinary bathroom scale; this works a lot better with non-electronic scales. Each person holds the scale with two hands and squeezes it, pressing as hard as possible to register the highest weight on the scale. Or, you could have two people, one holding the scale and the other pushing, attempt to register their highest weight on the scale.

Blind Tag Game

objects with circumference of 20 feet, 2 blindfolds

Conjure up something with a circumference of about twenty feet (such as two tables pushed together or a rope around four chairs). Blindfold two people and put them on opposite sides of this object. Both must always be touching it. Designate one to be "it" and have the bystanders shout to their favorite which way to go to catch or avoid being caught by the other. Beware of high-speed collisions.

One variation is to remove one of the two contestants and let everyone shout directions to the unsuspecting victim. Another is to have everyone silent and let them listen for each other (this won't work on a carpet).

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Big Bad Wolf Mixer

newspapers, tape

Give three-man team enough newspaper and tape to build a newspaper shelter of some kind. It must be big enough to get all three inside. The leader(s) then attempts to blow the shelter down. A prize is awarded to the best job. Afterwards, have a giant paper fight.

Who Hit Me Game

newspaper, blanket

Have two guys lie down on the floor (face up, side by side) and put a blanket over them so that they cannot see. Everyone in the crowd forms a circle around them, and on person in the crowd has a rolled up newspaper. The newspaper is passed around to someone who take it and hits one of the guys under the blanket on the head with it. Then gets back into the circle, leaving the newspaper on the blanket. the guy who has been hit counts to 10 and comes out from the blanket and tries to guess who hit him. If he guesses correctly, the person who is guessed goes under the blanket in his place.

These are the instructions given to the crowd and to to players. However, on of the guys under the blanket has been clued in ahead of time that he will be given the newspaper and he will reach over and smack the guy laying next to him with it, then pull his arm in under the blanket real fast and play dumb. The guy who is hit will jump up and his guesses will always be wrong. Hit the clued-in guy once in a while so that it won't look quite so rigged.

Whirling Long Jump Game

24 in. stick

Get three kids to come forward and try this simple game. Give each a stick about 24 inches long. Tell each to hold it straight out at arm's length with both hands so that he can watch it while turning around 30-50 times. Then, they must drop the stick and jump over it. Whoever jumps the farthest is the winner. Of course, most kids get so dizzy they can't even see the stick when they drop it, let alone jump over it. It's fun to watch. Have the rest of the group count as the person turns around.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Volleyball Squirm Game


Place a volleyball between the foreheads of a boy and girl couple. Without using their hands, they must work the ball down to their knees and back up again. Their hands must be kept behind their backs and the two must start over again if they drop the ball. Couples do not ahve to be of the opposite sex, two guys or two girls will work just fine, but a boy-girl couple usually adds to the fun of this event.

String Tie Mystery Game

2 strings, pliers

Here's a simple little game that you can use to test your group's creativity. Hang two strings from the ceiling in such a way that they dangle approximately one foot from the floor (both string should be about the same length). The strings should be far enough apart that, while holding the dangling end of one string, the other string hanging down is a foot or so out of reach. Challenge anyone in your group to tie the dangling ends of the strings together with no help from the audience. The only thing that can be used in this task is an ordinary pair of pliers.

How is it done? It's simple. Tie the pliers to the end of one of the strings and then swing the string back and forth. Then holding the end of the other string, and when the pliers swing close enough grab them. Untie the pliers and tie the two strings together.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Shoe Stretch Game

2 pairs of shoes, 4 four ft. pieces of elastic, 2 chairs

Get two old pairs of men's shoes, take out the laces, punch holes in the back of each shoe and tie a four foot piece of elastic to each. Place shoes on opposite sides of the room and tie other ends of the elastic to the legs of the chairs.

Two kids get into the shoes - one in each pair - and walk toward each other. Have someone sitting in the chairs to weigh them down, and have them spaced so that the elastic becomes taut just as the two meet each other. The object is, with the shoes stretching the elastic, to exchange shoes in the fastest time possible and return to the other chair.

  1. Once one's foot is taken out the shoe, it cannot touch the floor.
  2. Hands must only be used to hold each other up.
  3. If a shoe snaps back to the chair then the person must hop back to get it.

Cup Closer Game

3 cups

This is done with partners. The three girls lay on the floor with a cup on their foreheads. The guys put their forehead on the other end of the cup. From this position the couple must try to stand - then turn the cup around between their heads without touching the cup with their heads. Then, they must waltz with the cup between their heads. Supply some good waltzing music.

Make Rain Mixer


This may even be a good way to focus attention before a talk. Explain to everyone that you are going to do something once thought impossible. That, with their help, you will make it rain inside.

Divide them into four groups right where they are sitting (left, left middle, right middle, and right sides of the room) and explain that they MUST be absolutely quiet and watch you tell them what to do for this to work. Then, only after they are quiet, point to the left side and have them quietly rub their hands together back and forth, then bring in the next group to the right, and then the next group to their right, until all are doing it (it should get louder as you go).

After the last group has joined in, go back to the first group and get them snapping their fingers, then the next group and so on.

Then back to group one to begin patting their hands on their legs - on to the other groups.

Then back to group one to begin patting harder and stomping their feet on the floor - then on to the other groups.

Then begin to do this process in reverse - back to patting legs, back to snapping, back to rubbing hands, back to silence. If it is done right, you will hear your rainstorm!

Paintin' With Your Noggin Game

3 tins, chocolate sauce, 3 large cardboards

Three guys with way short hair come to the front and dip heads in tins filled with chocolate sauce. Three girls hold large cardboard for them to to draw or write on. Write words. Draw pictures. You get the idea. Use your imagination.

Oreo From Forehead To Mouth Game


Three or four kids up front twist an Oreo open, moisten the creamier side and stick it to their forehead. Then, without using their hands , they try to slowly contort their faces to maneuver the Oreo down their face and into their mouth. First one wins. Funny faces!