Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Shoe Stretch Game

2 pairs of shoes, 4 four ft. pieces of elastic, 2 chairs

Get two old pairs of men's shoes, take out the laces, punch holes in the back of each shoe and tie a four foot piece of elastic to each. Place shoes on opposite sides of the room and tie other ends of the elastic to the legs of the chairs.

Two kids get into the shoes - one in each pair - and walk toward each other. Have someone sitting in the chairs to weigh them down, and have them spaced so that the elastic becomes taut just as the two meet each other. The object is, with the shoes stretching the elastic, to exchange shoes in the fastest time possible and return to the other chair.

  1. Once one's foot is taken out the shoe, it cannot touch the floor.
  2. Hands must only be used to hold each other up.
  3. If a shoe snaps back to the chair then the person must hop back to get it.

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