Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ugliest Thing In The World Game

one large blanket

Announce that you have discovered the ugliest thing in the world, and he is so ugly that it is hard to look at him, in fact it's downright unbearable. Only another real ugly person can stand the sight of him.

At this point, bring in a guy underneath a huge blanket rigged in such a way that there is an opening around his face, but not exposed to the room. Ask a couple of guys who are "real ugly" to take a look at him and let us know what he looks like (of course these two guys have been clued in). Each takes a hesitant look at the ugly thing and each react very violently, screaming, running out of the room clutching at their eyes.

Finally, pick a cute girl and ask her to take a look. She will probably be a little reluctant about taking a look at him. When she does, the guy underneath runs away screaming. Pick the girl very carefully. This might be a good one to pull on an unsuspecting leader.

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