Sunday, August 23, 2009

Marker Fencing Game

2 white t-shirts, 2 white sweat pants, 2 black markers, 2 dowel rods, (2 fencing headgears, glow in the dark pens, 2 pairs of white gloves, 2 pairs of white socks)

Dress two contestants in white t-shirts and white sweats. It will add a lot if you could get your hands on some fencing headgear as well. Take two big black markers duct-taped to the end of two strong dowel rods (bought at any hardware store) and they duel. The person to make the most marks of at least on half inch long wins.

You can order glow in the dark pens, follow the same directions, and then turn out the lights to determine the winner. Background music will be a must, and white gloves and socks can help highlight the uniforms! Fence away!

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