Sunday, August 30, 2009

Make Rain Mixer


This may even be a good way to focus attention before a talk. Explain to everyone that you are going to do something once thought impossible. That, with their help, you will make it rain inside.

Divide them into four groups right where they are sitting (left, left middle, right middle, and right sides of the room) and explain that they MUST be absolutely quiet and watch you tell them what to do for this to work. Then, only after they are quiet, point to the left side and have them quietly rub their hands together back and forth, then bring in the next group to the right, and then the next group to their right, until all are doing it (it should get louder as you go).

After the last group has joined in, go back to the first group and get them snapping their fingers, then the next group and so on.

Then back to group one to begin patting their hands on their legs - on to the other groups.

Then back to group one to begin patting harder and stomping their feet on the floor - then on to the other groups.

Then begin to do this process in reverse - back to patting legs, back to snapping, back to rubbing hands, back to silence. If it is done right, you will hear your rainstorm!

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  1. This is great! However, I would be careful what you call it to students unless you want a lot of inappropriate "make it rain" comments.


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