Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Went To Paris Game


This game works much like "Thar's A Bar." The leader must practice and do a great job of having fun with his/her volunteers. Line up four other people with your leader and explain that one at a time they will pass down the line what you will do.

It begins, "Hey Karina, I went to Paris and brought back a yo-yo" (you move your left arm up and down as if yo-yoing). They will pass to the next person in the same way (have fun with them), make them do it exactly as you do, even moving their arms up and down at you pace.

Then, the second round goes, "Hey Karina, I went to Paris and brought back some scissors." Working your right hand like a pair of scissors, opening and closing your index and middle fingers at a different pace than the yo-yo motion you keep going (very difficult and funny to watch them try to do).

Third round, "Hey Karina, I went to Paris and brought back an arm exerciser." Keep the yo-yo going and the scissor going, you take your scissors arm and move it back and forth across your body. You can keep going with others, even use same type of ending as in "Thar's A Bar" if you want.

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