Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cheeky, Cheeky Game

lipstick, towel

The game is dedicated and sometimes sold by a grandma character. The truth is that we all will be grandmas and grandpas soon so we need to practice. Bring up 6-7 kids (guy-girl alternating with a girl at the end, all who are in on it before club except for the last guy before the last girl). Standing in line always facing the audience, they quickly relay down the line a "cheeky, cheeky" (they say it as they squeeze some part of the other person's face between their forefinger and thumb). When receiving the "cheeky, cheeky," the kid must close their eyes like they would if grandma was doing it and then you must relay it quickly to the next person.

Do it over and over, faster and faster, but the last girl each time has lipstick on her fingers and is decorating the face of the guy next to her without him knowing it! He looks goofier and goofier each time. This must be a kid that can handle it. The girl may need to practice, if it doesn't work it is usually because the guy sees stuff on her hand and she leaves a big glob. Have a towel for him to clean up.

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