Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kix or Trix Blow Out Of Nose Game

Kix, tape, (track uniforms, measuring tape)

You may use a bunch of kids in this one. The sell will mean a lot as well. Have a take-off of a track event such as the long jump. You could sell it with the Chariots of Fire song and slow motion runners dressed in ridiculous track uniforms.

Each kids steps up to a starting line (you can use tape), places a Kix in one nostril. Then they will run a few feet, stop in front of another line (or long jump board), and blow the Kix as far as possible into the "pit."

The folks you used sell the game can mark the Kix and use a tape measure to give you an immediate reading. The longest blow wins! Any good Rocky song or sporting musics will do great as background music.

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