Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mad Libs Mixer

sheet with Mad Libs

Draft a small piece of writing, either a letter, a recipe, a narrative, or an instruction sheet, etc. (leaving out descriptive words). Then at club ask for an appropriate word, be they adverbs, adjectives, nouns etc. Fill in the blanks without telling the club what you are filling out. Tell them to be as creative and wild as possible while thinking up words. Read the finished product.

Here's a "Mad Lib" that would be great for your next Halloween Party:

"Once up a time, ___noun___ years ago, in the fiendish place Transylvania (which is now know as ___local high school___), the ___adjective___ Count Dracula ___verb(ed)___. Our story finds him just after he has finished his dinner, which tonight included ___person in group___. Since he was still a little hungry and a full moon was out, he decided to catch the next ___means of transportation___ to ___girl in room___'s house and peek into her ___room___ to see if she was ___verb(ing)___. By chance she was, which brought a ___adjective___ smile to his ___adjective___ face. Without wasting a second, he ___verb(ed)___ into her ___noun___, startling her so much that she broker her ___toy___.

"'___greeting___' spake Count Dracula. 'I have come to drink your blood!' '___Exclamation___' she replied, whereupon she kicked Dracula in the __part of body___ and fled. Not to be deterred, Dracula chased her as far ___place___ where he finally tackled her. It looked like the end for ___same girl___ but just before Dracula could sink his ___adjective___ fangs into her ___adjective___ neck, ___boy in group___ arrived on the scene. Quickly sizing up the situation, he grabbed the nearest ___noun___ and smote Dracula so hard it was heard in ___place___.

"'___mushy line___,' sighed the girl. 'Aw, it was nothing,' replied the boy as he flexed his ___part of body___ for her. 'By the way,' he asked. 'What's a nice girl like you doing in the ___high school___ Young Life club?'"

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