Monday, August 10, 2009

Feel The Force Game

4 wrapping paper tubes, 4 blindfolds, 2 football helmets

Sell this game with some classic music from Star Wars and two people (preferably Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker characters) coming in the room with classic light saber (wrapping paper tubes) battle. (Yoda also is funny if you can find a mask.)

Bill it as a battle of the sexes and pull up two girls and two guys to have saber battles with a tube each (make sure the tube is not sharp on the end, if so, pad it with foam). Put the guys back to back with about three to four feet in between them and explain that each guy is fighting their girl. Also explain that there is no hitting above the shoulders.

As they are about the stop the match and blindfold them. Blindfold the girls first, explaining that they are blindfolded so that they can "feel the force" and then blindfold the guys. After the guys are blindfolded, take the blindfolds off the girls and give them a football helmet for protection. The girls end up hitting the guys without taking hits and the guys usually even end up hitting each other.

Be careful with this game, it can be great, but dangerous so think through it. Play Star Wars music in the background while they are swinging.

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