Monday, August 10, 2009

Name The Flower Game

flower, flour, Hershey's kiss

Pull a great looking girl up front with a flower in her hand and tell the guys that 3 lucky contestants may win the chance to get flower and a kiss. Send three guys out of the room; upon returning they have to guess the name of a flower that is the girl's favorite; if they guess right they get flower and a kiss.

The first 2 guessers have the crowd respond as if the guy didn't guess right; the third guesser (no matter what it is) is correct. As he goes to kiss the girl she blows flour in his face and hands him a big Hershey's kiss from behind her back! (The girl gets flour in her mouth, and kiss behind back when they are out of the room, and you are explaining to the crowd their response. The girl should practice before club, the flour will have enough to spray guy, but she may also choke on it.)

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