Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Speed Identification Game 2

2 card tables, 3 large sheets, five buckets, baseball bat, basketball, soccer ball, football, large wig, (mannequin)

This one is on the crowd. Use the same set-up and concept as the original Speed Identification, but use the following objects in order: baseball bat, basketball, soccer ball, football, person's head with large wig on (not facing the crowd).

The first contestants are the same as the original, however the last person is a plant along with the person under the bucket. The last person, quickly and excitedly (they must act really pumped up) picks up the first bucket and grabs the bat, screams "baseball bat," picks up the next bag, screams "basketball" and hits it hard off the table with the bat (you, the panicked leader, must play it up and yell to stop them but they are not listening and pick up the bucket with the head under it), the person under the bucket has held up a mannequin head or a ball with a wig on it instead, and the kid screams the person's name and then whacks the fake head with the bat. If done right, the crowd will freak.

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