Thursday, August 20, 2009

Girls Arm Wrestling With Pillow Battle Finale Game

2 pillows, 2 blindfolds

Just like it sounds, have a semifinal and a final round of girls arm wrestling. Then, you may want to have your female champion take on the biggest guy you have, not in arm wrestling, but in a pillow battle. Give them each a pillow and explain that they will each get three chance to hit each other. Blindfold them both and tell them they must keep one foot still, although they may dodge the hit however else they want.

First they must ask the question "are you there?" and the other answers "I am here." When it is all explained, un-blindfold the girl, but leave the guy blindfolded, therefore the girl will be able to dodge the hits, but the guy won't. After the guy misses once, put the blindfold back on the girl, and show the guy that she is still right there. Then re-blindfold him and do the same thing again.

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