Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mock Spelling Bee Game

tarp, objects that can be spelled (egg, coke, oatmeal, syrup, banana)

This is designed to get you, the leader. It begins by having someone challenge you to a spelling bee. Four kids come up front to challenge you to a Power Young Life Spelling Bee. The game goes as follows: one kid at a time steps up and is given an object (for example an egg) and the leader of the game asks them to spell "egg." If they do it correctly, they get to put the object on you. If incorrectly, they do not (obviously, by now you will have an egg on your head). Then, it is your chace to spell and put something on them, only you are set up each time. For example, the game leader may hold up a can of coke to which you excitedly blurt out, "coke...c-o-k-e...coke" only to have the leader tell you that is not the word instead, they read the toughest ingredient on the can (phenylcarbonhydronate acid or whatever). The next kid steps up and spells another object (oatmeal, syrup, bananas all work). Each time you get drilled and each time you spell back you lose.

Whoever is running the game may trick you in other ways, for example, silent letters, whatever. A good ender is for them to give you one that you can get right, you in disbelief start and take a minute to try to guess the catch... then you slowly spell the easy word... on the second to last letter the leader of the game look at their watch, interrupts saying "whoop, your time has expired, but thanks for playing" and takes off. Your reactions, facial expressions, and acting ability will make or break this one!

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