Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Speed Identification Game

2 card tables, 3 large sheets, five buckets, 4 random objects (pickles, moist towelette, anti-fungal ointment, etc.), 4 cards, paper plate, whipped cream

Put the tables in a row with a space in the middle for a head to fit through. Cover the tables with sheets all the way to the ground. Cut a hole in the middle sheet for a head to fit through. Put cards on the table with a bucket over each and cover the leader's (or kid's) head with a bucket.

Choose two or three kids and send them out of the room. One at a time, the kids lift a bucket and read the cards as fast as possible. The leader or kid screams when their bucket is lifted. The last kid double crosses the leader or kid and piece their head. This could be done with different balls underneath that kids need to identify. You may want to play music as you reset for each kid.

You may consider having the contestant facing the audience and the head under the bucket with the back or the head to the audience for the first one's so that the audience can see the face of the person who gets startled. Then, for the last kid, tell the kid under the bucket to spin and face the audience because you want them to see how great he/she is doing (that way the crowd gets the best of both). Also, coach your last kid to pie him/her from behind or the side so the crowd can see it best. A psychologist character could sell this as a test.

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