Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Homecoming Dance Skit

uniforms, flowers, telephone, music, lipstick, lemon, mouthwash, Lysol

Joan Junior, Stanley Stud, Freddy Freshman, Barlow the Dog, Couch and Table

(Narrator reads and kids or leaders act out and repeat their lines.)

Also, include dropping someone on a table, dog licking face, flexing muscles and a kiss on the cheek. Costumes are very important.

Our story opens and the home of beautiful Joan Junior, five days before the homecoming dance. Joan is sad and forlorn because she has no date for the dance. She sits on the couch and pets her dog Barlow, saying, "Oh Barlow, I feel like such a low-life scum poodle... I wish someone would invite me to the homecoming dance." Barlow sensing his owner's displeasure, licks her hand, slobbers on the couch, and lies down. Joan rubs her nose and gazes off into the distance sighing.

Suddenly the phone rings (ring). Joan wipes her arm on the dog and picks up the phone. Stanley Study, a cool, highly attractive and all-around legend-in-his-own-mind kind of a guy is on the other end. He says he would like to come over and ask Joan something very important. Joan says, "I'll be waiting for you here, liver lips."

Joan knows that Stanley Study is coming over to ask her to the dance. Realizing that she is short on time to get ready, she does her lip exercises, bites a lemon so she can pucker up for tonsil hockey, puts on lipstick, gargles and sprays herself with Lysol.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door. The dog barks and wags its tail, Joan yells, "coming my little sweet treat." Joan flings open the door, only to find that it's not Stanley Stud but Freddy Freshman holding flowers and drooling at her door. "What do you want, you pencil neck geek?"

Freddy hand her the flowers, gets down on his knees, ans says timidly while drooling "O Joan, I realize that I am nothing but a utter scraping amoeba but would you go to the dance with me?" Joan kicks him and says, "Not on your life moose breath!"

Suddenly there is another knocks at the door. Joan opens to find suave, hip and sophisticated Stanly Stud, who says, "Hi Joan, it is I, Stanley Stud."

Joan nearly faints, falls into Stanley's arms and say, "Stanley, you're so hot!" Stanley says, "You're so right!" Stanley suddenly sees Freddy on the floor and says, "What's that pond scum doing here?"

Before Joan can answer Freddy jumps to his feet and says "I've come to ask Joan to the dance, you highly mature and excellent dude." Barlow wags his tail, licks Freddy's hand and burps. Stanley laughs and says, "That will be the day!"

Freddy suddenly gets an idea, "Tell you what, let's have a dance contest and the winner gets to take Joan to the homecoming dance, okay?" Stanley laughs so hard he falls down. Then he gets up and says, "You turnip head, everybody knows that I'm the best and funkiest dancer in the whole school! You won't have a chance!"

The music comes on and Stanley dances with Joan. After they are done, Stanley turns to Freddy and says, "Beat that buckaroo!"

Suddenly Freddy starts to shake, the lights go off, and the music comes on. Freddy dances like no one on earth. As the lights come on, Joan screams, "Freddy, you're my hero! Not only will I go to the dance with you, I'll even pay for dinner!" The two go off hand in hand. At the close, we see Stanley Study standing in the room weeping. Barlow the dog comes over and licks his hand and walks out.

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