Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beverly Hills 90210 - The Lost Episode Skit


Brenda, Brandon, Mr. and Mrs. Walsh, Donna, Dylan, Bow Wow (Dylan's new dog), the lamp, the doorbell, the table, the chair

(Narrator reads and kids or leaders act out and repeat their lines.)

(Enter Brenda and Brandon)
Brandon: "Hey, Bren, whats up?"
Brenda: "Not much, Brandon. What do you think of my new hairstyle?" (Runs left hand slowly through hair then smiles a subltle smile.)
Brandon: "I don't know, Bren. Let me turn the lamp on so I can see you better." (Turns 3-way lamp on brightest setting. Lamp gains intensity from each of 3 arm pulls. Brandon gets look of horror on his face. Brenda gets look of anguish on her face. Brandon screams loudly. Brenda screams louder.)
Brenda: "What's the matter?"
Brandon: "Nothin' sis. I just thought that I saw a bunch of rattlesnakes on you read, but it was probabaly just poor lighting."

(Enter Mr. and Mrs. wash. He sits in the chair. She briefly sits on his lap, then decides to sit on the table.)
Brenda: (whining voice) "Mom, Dad, Brandon just insulted me."
Mrs. Walsh: (hands on hips, sighs heavily) "Now, Brandon, apologize to your sister."
Mr. Walsh: (scowls, then says sternly) "Yes, Brandon, Apologize, but Brenda, first go take that owl's nest off your head."

(Doorbell rings. Enter Donna, hopping up and down ever so slightly; and Dylan, swaggering and studly.)
Dylan: (wrinkles forehead) "Hey, everybody."
Everyone: "Hey, Dylan."
Dylan: "Do you mind if my new dog Bow Wow comes in?"
Mr. Walsh: "No problem, but if he makes a mess on the floor, you have to clean it up."
Dylan: "No problem, big guy. I'll just use that floor mop on top of Brenda's head. Come in, Bow Wow."

(Doorbell rings, Bow Wow enters panting heavily, says his name, sniffs Donna's ankle.)
Donna: "Ooooooh. Icky ucky, pooh. He's slobbering on my new outfit."

(Bow Wow says his name again, moves over to the lamp, thinks about doing something lies on his back with feet pointed in the air instead.)
Brenda: (looks enviously at Donna) "Nice outfit, Donna, where'd you get it from?"
Donna: (giggles, scrunches her nose) "From Pierre's-To-Go on the Boulevard. I wanted one of those maroon and white outfit like those kids at ISS wear, but they were all out. Nice hair, by the way - I didn't know that you got the part of the scarecrow in the school play."
Brenda: (whining again) "Mom, Dad, I just can't face the kids at school looking like this. That hunky Trevor Wimer guy that I want to notice me won't even take a second look."
Mrs. Walsh: (smiling as only a mother smiles) "Well, we were going to wait until tonight to tell you our surprise, but I guess we'll tell you now instead. Go ahead, honey."
Mr. Walsh: (smiling as only a father smiles) "Just this morning I was eating my third bowl of Frosted Chocolate-Covered-Sugar-Bombs cereal, when I found a Lucky Draw ticket in the box, it said that my wife, two kids, two of their friends, and one of their friends' pets (the other characters look at each other and nod; Bow Wow says his name and smiles a doggy smile) had just won a free three-week trip around the world. Wowsy, huh!"
Brandon: (exhales while shaking his head slowly) "Wowsy, indeed, Pop, but I can't go, and my guess is that Bren, Dylan, Donna, and Bow Wow aren't interested, either."
Brenda, Dylan, Donna, Bow Wow: "That's right, Mr. and Mrs. Walsh - but thanks for the offer."
Dylan: (wrinkling forehead again) "A three-week trip would mean three weeks away from Young Life, and that's something I can't deal with. Those (leader's names) dudes and their friends are some of the hippest folks I know. Plus, they give me hair advice."
Brenda: (stroking Dylan's hair) "Wow, do you think they can help me with mine?"

(Everyone looks bewildered. Doorbell rings. All but Bow Wow rush to answer it and leave. Brenda starts to cry. Bow Wow licks her hand, and Brenda screams and starts to chase him. Bow Wow knocks over the lamp, the chair, then the table. Brenda chases him out the door.)

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