Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who Hit Me Game

newspaper, blanket

Have two guys lie down on the floor (face up, side by side) and put a blanket over them so that they cannot see. Everyone in the crowd forms a circle around them, and on person in the crowd has a rolled up newspaper. The newspaper is passed around to someone who take it and hits one of the guys under the blanket on the head with it. Then gets back into the circle, leaving the newspaper on the blanket. the guy who has been hit counts to 10 and comes out from the blanket and tries to guess who hit him. If he guesses correctly, the person who is guessed goes under the blanket in his place.

These are the instructions given to the crowd and to to players. However, on of the guys under the blanket has been clued in ahead of time that he will be given the newspaper and he will reach over and smack the guy laying next to him with it, then pull his arm in under the blanket real fast and play dumb. The guy who is hit will jump up and his guesses will always be wrong. Hit the clued-in guy once in a while so that it won't look quite so rigged.

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