Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kool-Aid Taste Off Game

3 chairs, 3 packets of Kool-Aid

Ask three volunteers to sit in chairs facing the rest of the group. On a signal they each open a different flavored packet of Kool-Aid. They then lick just one finger and dip it into the packet. The person who in that manner is the first to eat all of the Kool-Aid in the packet wins. It's hilarious because they do not anticipate it being so sour, and they usually end up with it all over their lips.

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  1. We played this game, but i had bought a red packet of koolaide that one of the contestants used. In the middle of the game she started gagging on the koolaide and it came out bright red and chunky everyone thought she was coughing up blood... It made for a great story afterwards but it was a funny scary moment in club, the girl was fine it just looked bad... so your choice on whether or not to use the red koolaide packets....


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