Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Name That Person Mixer

index cards, pens

Divide into two even teams. For larger groups, divide into four teams and have a playoff with the two winning teams and two losing teams. Give each person a blank index card and have them write five little known facts about himself and sign his name. (Examples: I have a pet snake, my middle name is Hortense, I was born in Mexico City, I hate pizza, etc.) Collect all the cards and keep separate stacks for each team.

The game is now ready to play. The object is to name that person on the card that the leader draws (from the other team's stack of cards) in as few clues as possible. Begin by opening up the bidding between the teams, (for example: "we can name that person in five clues!" or "we can name that person in four clues!" etc.). The team that wins the bidding has five seconds to guess after the reading of the appropriate number of clues. Appoint a referee.

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