Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rindercella And The Prandsome Hince (Young Life Moral Ending) Skit



(Narrator reads.)
Once upon a time in a pall smillage lived a prettle litty girl named Rindercella. Rindercella live in a hall smouse wither her mep-stother and her three sigly usters. Rindercella wanted to go to the bancy fall at the castle of the prandsome hince, but her three sigly usters made Rindercella flop the moors and hay at the stome (said with sadness).

After the three sigly usters had gone to the bancy fall, a gairy fodmother appeared and told Rindercella she could go to the bancy fall too. She waved her wagic mond and mad Rindercell a dretty press and some little slass grippers. Then she turned a kumpkin into a poach and four hats into roarses. But she had to be home when the strock cluck 12.

When Rindercella arrived at the sastle in her dretty prittle press the prandsome hince lell in fove with her. Boy were her three sigly usters mad... wow!! Then the prandsome hince and Rindercella pranced and pranced (demonstrate stupidly) all evening, but when the strock cluck 12, she ran stown the deps into the night. But the prandsome hince had noticed that Rindercella had slopped her dripper!

The prandsome hince knew if he could find the gretty pirl whose tootsy would fit the dripper, he would find his fove.

(Suspensefully...) Meanwhile, the gairy fodmother was so mad Rindercella had slopped her dripper she turned Rindercella into a rat and put her in the kumpkin! The prandsome hince came to their smouse and made the three sigly usters try on the dripper. Unfortunately, Matilda, the third of the three sigly usters fit the dripper. There was nothing left for the prandsome hince to do but to barry Matilda and they lived hunhappily ever ufter (sadly).

The storal of the mory is... when you go to a bancy fall, don't slop your dripper!

Ehe Thend!

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