Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pick Pocket Skit

2 trench coats, hats, watch, boxers, car keys, license plate, pacifier, liver, other ridiculous items

Freddy Fingers and Hands Harry

"Freddy Fingers" and "Hands Harry" meet and embrace each other. They tell where they've been in the last few years (like what prisons they were in, etc.), and as they say goodbye, one says to the other, "Oh you may want this." He give him back his watch. The exchange of articles that they have picked up from each other until one of them hands back the other's pair of boxers.

The thieves can also have a competition and embrace several times and show what they've stolen. The items that were stolen can escalate to a ridiculous level (i.e., car key, then license plate of the car, going back in time and stealing the pacifier from when they were a baby, their liver, etc.). Just be creative and practice. If done right, it'll bring the house down.

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