Saturday, December 26, 2009

Statue In The Park Skit

small bottle of water

statue, Prof. Arthritic Kneecap

(Narrator reads and kids or leaders act out and repeat their lines. The skit begins with one person posing as a statue in the park (the thinker or the discus thrower). Another person introduces himself as Prof. Arthritic Kneecap, of the University of Amputation and Mutilation.)
After a long study the professor has discovered a way to revitalize the calcium deposited in joints of the human body, the painful and crippling effect of arthritis. In fact his solution will bring life to almost any old lump of calcium.

Professor: "Even this old statue." (He pours the bottle on the statue's head. Slowly it comes to life.)
Statue: "Boy, I've been standing like that for 1500 years."
Professor: "What is the first thing you want to do?"
Statue: "Kill 5000 pigeons with my bare hands!"

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