Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Couch Club (Couch-a-Thon)

1 couch per team
enough trucks or cars and drivers to fit all kids and couches
1 digital camera per team
recommended: a laptop and projector
optional: "celebrity" judges
optional: T-shirts for winning team

Place kids into teams either by class or randomly - using a deck of cards works well. Announce that each team will be given X minutes (30 or 40 works, but is tight) to capture the 1 best picture of their entire team on the couch. Emphasize the deadline for teams returning. No other rules. Ensure that you have enough drivers from leaders, parents, or committee members. DO NOT let kids drive. Also, leaders need to be responsible in guiding teams to minimize risk associated with any trespassing, safety, or irritating local business owners. There will likely be disputes on whose was best so use impartial judges, if possible. Show all the pictures on a projector at the end of club and post them on Facebook to generate good buzz at school the next day!

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