Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hiccup Skit

chair, mask, bandanna, glass of water, paper bag

hiccup person, masked person

You may sell this one as a time to think back about a time when you had the hiccups. Lights go off and back on (a little you sits in a chair facing club and hiccuping). Frustrated with the hiccuping you say aloud that you wish you could get rid of them. In back of you a person dressed in a mask, bandanna, or something like that sneaks up to try to scare you. Just as he/she is about to scare you, you shout, "I know, I’ll drink some water!" You jump up and the guy/girl behind dives the other way to avoid being seen (remember to keep hiccuping).

You come back with a glass of water, take a sip, but hiccup really hard and throw the water behind you onto the guy/girl as they began sneaking up on you again. Just as he/she is about to pounce on you again you stand and yell, "I know, I’ll stand on my head!"
You try this but hiccup again while upside down. Same scenario, you try to breathe in paper bag…as he/she gets close you pop it in frustration and he/she grabs their ears like you just made them deaf.

Finally after he/she regroups, they sneak up on you for the last time and you turn and scream at him/her. He/she jumps and you laugh and then realize you've lost your hiccups and leave excited.

The scared guy/girl gets up, takes off his/her mask, looks at the crowd, and hiccups. You may also do this in reverse by remembering back to the time you wanted to help someone with their hiccups.

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