Monday, April 5, 2010

Howdy Buckeroo Skit

cowboy costume, 2 warehouse costumes, 2 gun-and-holster sets (one of which should be loaded with blanks)

mechanical quick-draw cowboy dressed in full cowboy garb, 2 warehouse employees, third employee

If the leaders in your group have a tough time memorizing lines, this skit might be perfect for them. Only the mechanical quick-draw cowboy need remember any lines. They should be spoken in a mechanical manner: "Howdy Buckaroo. So you think you can beat me, eh? Put on the holster at my feet and on the count of three, draw! Are you ready? One...two...three!"

The skit begins with the two warehouse employees rolling in the mechanical slot-machine "cowboy" for storage. The extra gun-and-holster set is placed at the feet of the mechanical "cowboy".

The third employee walks in and seeing the robot, decides to try his luck. He reads the instructions printed on the chest of the mechanical man and then places a quarter in the slot. The robot winds up and gives the memorized spiel. The employee is unable to pick up the extra gun and holster set because it’s trapped under the boot of the mechanical cowboy. He panics and turns to run as the robot counts to three and shoots the employee.

Not to be outdone, the employee lifts the robot’s leg and puts on the gun set before inserting another quarter. He even practices his quick-draw skills several times. Feeling quite secure with himself, he insets another quarter. The message is repeated but this time the gun sticks in the holster and again he is shot.

For the final attempt, the employee pulls his gun, stands to the side and holds his gun to the robot’s head and inserts another quarter. The robot repeats the message except that this time the mechanical cowboy winds down in the middle of "two." The employee bangs on the robot a couple of times to get him moving again, but no response. Disgusted, he takes off the gun, sets his down at the robot’s feet and turns to walk off. The robot continues suddenly with the rest of the pre-recorded message, says "three" and shoots the employee.

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