Sunday, April 18, 2010

If I Were Not In Young Life Skit


undertaker, birdwatcher, farmer, surfer, stewardess, ice cream maker, post, ballerina, etc.

You will need 5 people. Possible characters are: an The song goes, "If I were not in Young Life, I know just what I’d be. If I were not in Young Life, a ____________ I would be." And each person in turn jumps in and does his or her character all in rhythm.

Undertaker: "Well, well, well, you never can tell, if their going to heaven or if their going to…Well, well, well."
Birdwatcher: "Hark, a lark, flying through the park, splat."
Farmer: "Give, Bessy, give, the baby’s got to live!"
Surfer: "Hey, Dave, a totally awesome wave!"
Stewardess: "Here’s your coffee, here’s your tea, here’s your paper bag, blahh!"
Ice Cream Maker: "Ushy Gushy, ushy gushy, good ice cream."
Post: "A post, a post, a post. A post, a post, a post."
Ballerina: "Tippy, tippy toe, tippy toe, tippy toe."

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