Monday, April 26, 2010

Time Machine Skit

2 boxes of pizza, 2 boxes of zebra cakes, and about 15 bottles of Gatorade or something to drink, coffee machine or something to represent a time machine, garbage can (very important)

3 guys

Two of the guys set up in the front - one sitting the other standing next to their "time machine". One of the two guys calls out for the third to come over to where they are standing. The third guy comes into the room with a slice of pizza, a package of zebra cakes and a bottle of Gatorade, handing one item to each friend to eat or drink.

While eating and drinking their items, they talk about their new time machine and decide they want to go back 3 minutes in time. They all finish their food/drink and run back to original position. The same scene happens again, where the third friend comes out again with a slice of pizza, zebra cake, and
Gatorade. Continue this process until you run out of food and drinks or until the trash can is needed.

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