Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Bucket Trick Skit

bucket, rice or confetti, dipper, water, glass

announcer, volunteer

This is one you play on the entire group. You need one helper. Announce that you have a bucket of water from the fountain of youth (or any story that you want to make up). Have a volunteer take a drink of water (he is your clued-in helper).

The bucket is brought in, and the audience can't see inside it, but it is really a bucket of rice or confetti with a dipper sticking out of it. Inside the dipper is some water. The outside of the dipper must be dry so that no rice will stick to it. You take the dipper out of the bucket, pour the water into a glass, and the volunteer drinks it. He waits, starts acting like a two year old, grabs the bucket, and throws it's contents all over the audience.

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