Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leaving Home Skit

chair, newspaper, coat, suitcase

man, woman

The man sits in a chair reading a newspaper. A woman enters with a coat on and carrying a suitcase. She is apparently very upset. The man in the chair could care less.

Woman: "I’ve had it! I’m through! I’m leaving this crummy rotten house and all these crummy kids and going home to mother! I’m sick and tired of ironing, mopping, and cleaning up after you day in and day out! I tell you, I’ve had it! No more! I’m leaving and don’t ask me to come back because I’m leaving for good!" (sobbing) "Goodbye!" (She stomps out of the room).
Man: (somewhat bewildered, turns to and offstage room and yells) "Alice, dear! The maid just quit!"

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