Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Coca-Cola Relay

1 can of pop per kid
1 baseball bat per team

Divide into equal teams. Have 1 leader per team sit on the ground about 30-40 yards from the start. Place a pile of pop cans halfway between the leaders and kids - either one pile per team or one massive pile in the center. At the start, the first kid for each team spins 5-10 times around a baseball bat with his or her head on the bat and the bat on the ground. He or she then runs to the pile of cans, grabs one, then runs to leader for that team or any leader he or she chooses and empties the can on the leader's head (goggle's are a good idea). The kid then runs back to the line and the next person on the team repeats. First team done wins!

Note: Buying all of that pop can be expensive. Ask each kid to bring two cans to the club. That should be enough for everyone. Alternatively, could be done with eggs.

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