Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scenes That Didn’t Make Star Wars Run-On

costumes, directors chair

director, other Star Wars characters

There is a movie director who comes in to music each week as the steady character (this person needs to be funny). Each week they set the stage for a different scene that didn't make Star Wars. Examples:
  • Jabba the Hutt, trying desperately to lose weight, meets Richard Simmons.
  • Yoda abuses Luke by throwing things at him as he teaches Luke to Feel the Force. He gives up and decides to teach Hooked On Phonics instead.
  • Darth Vader as a child gets abused for his costume on the playground, choke holds a kid, and then gets sent to the principal’s office. This was the beginning of his asthma problem.
  • Princess Lea confesses to Chewbacca that it is him she loves, not Han Solo.
  • A video of the making of the special effects with dolls

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