Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Glee Club

Thanks to North Shore Young Life for sharing their latest creation... GLEE CLUB!

Get the largest slurpees you can at 7-11. Have 4-5 kids share a slurpee. First team done wins!

Don't forget the lyrics using songs that have been on Glee! Call kids up as contestant! The kid who wins gets to slushie a leader after club! There is a $0.99 Glee Karaoke iPhone/iPad app which may or may not work well.

Sing only songs that have been featured on Glee (Don't Stop Believin', Forget You, Lean On Me...etc).

Leaders take pictures like the one attached!

Have musically talented kids or leaders do special music...live!

Watch a Glee clip to kick off your club talk!

Watch Glee clips in between games!


  1. This is a great idea for YL! I lead WyldLife, instead of Young Life. Does anyone think it may be inappropriate to endorse Glee at WyldLife? Or do you think it's okay? I would love some thoughts! There are some great themes for Glee, but it definitely has a very high level of sexuality.

  2. I know that this comment is so late but I think Glee is very inappropriate. I used to love the show in the beginning, even though there were things here and there that I knew would be a concern not only to my spiritual life but to the millions of kids watching. The devil is tricky though, b/c all of these immoral things are mixed in with catchy songs and the excuse "I really only watch for the music". As leaders, I feel like we need to lead kids to the truth, and Glee is far from it. I know I'll probably sound extreme but I don't think this lesson should be on here at all. It gives kids the wrong idea, and makes it seem like we are promoting this very immoral TV show. Thank you all for everything you do in your ministries, I will be praying for you and your teens!

  3. Thank you for your comments. I think it leads to good discussion. It's a good idea if you have any concerns about the appropriateness of a club idea to discuss it with your local area director.


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