Wednesday, July 22, 2009

By The "Seat of Your Pants" Volleyball Mixer

"light" beach ball type ball (or a Nerf ball), volleyball net

This can be an excellent indoor game for large groups in a large room, especially during rainy weather. Divide the group into two teams. Set up a volleyball net in the room so the top of the net is approximately 5 feet above the floor. Each player is instructed to sit down on his team's side of the net so that his legs are crossed in front of him. From this position a regular game of volleyball is played with the following changes:
  1. Use a "light" beach ball type ball (or a Nerf ball)
  2. Use hands and head only (no feet)
  3. All serves must be made from center of group and overhand
  4. Because of limited mobility of each player a larger number of participants is suggested (20-25 per team)
  5. All of the other rules of volleyball apply

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