Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dummy Bag Mixer

paper grocery bags

This idea is a variation of the Take Off Something You Don't Need Game. Get the group in a circle and give each a paper grocery bag. The group is seated in chairs or on the floor. The instructions are that you are going to have an endurance test to see who can last the longest. Each person is then told to place the bag over their head to minimize embarrassment. Then they are told to take off something that they didn't wear to bed the night before.

Some will catch on immediately, others will take off an article of clothing or piece of jewelry, etc. Then they are instructed to take off something else that they didn't wear to bed the previous evening. Just to watch someone sitting with a paper bag on his head undressing is hilarious. Before the slow ones take off too much, you yell at them, "Take off the bag, dummy. Or did you wear it to bed last night?"

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