Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cooking With Kodiak Skit

Kodiak, razor, Oreo, tins, milk, blender, salad

cooking host

Cooking show where hosts love Kodiak. Sprinkle lots on everything and eat. Slice a Kodiak tin with a razor, clean out and crumble Oreo outsides to look like dip. Have a couple of real tins to throw out to crowd and for smell. Make milk shake in blender, salad, etc.


  1. I am pretty lenient in what goes on in my Young Life and WyldLife clubs, but I think this is inappropriate. Even in jest, leaders should not promote use of tobacco.

  2. Erin, you have a point. I've put a caution label on as well.

  3. One thing I think the instructions are not making clear is not to eat the Tobacco. DO NOT ACTUALLY EAT IT (and preferably, don't do this skit as we do not need to be promoting tobacco consumption... and one could potentially be charged under Tobacco control legislation depending on your country). Although I do not have any sources to back up this what I am about to say, I have heard that injesting as few as 5 cigarretes can be lethal, and if this is true it stands to reason that consuming snuff could also be lethal.

    Anyway, the basic premise of this skit is solid, but perhaps something other than tobacco could be used... other gross-non-food-items (probably non-lethal would also be a good consideration lest a less-than-clever audience member decide to try it for themselves).

  4. Calvin, there shouldn't be tobacco in the tin. The instructions are to substitute Oreo cookie crumbs.

    As for the appropriateness of any games and skits, that's always up to the leaders, team leaders, and area directors. The goal is always to put Jesus on display not to be safe and palatable as Jesus certainly wasn't the latter. I'm confident that for some kids this will be hilarious because it's "gross" and for others it very well might be confusing.

    Thanks for the comments.


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