Sunday, March 8, 2009

Identify What's Under the Towels Game

2 tables, blankets, 4 common objects, 5 bath towels, stopwatch

Set up two tables covered in blankets, making it look like one long table. Four common objects, such as soccer ball, detergent, etc., are placed on the table under bath towels about 3 feet apart. Club guy is placed under the tables where there is just enough space for his head to stick up between tables and get covered with a towel.

Take four girls out of the room prior to any set-up. They are told that this is a contest for speed with the object to race down the table identifying objects as they go. The contestants' backs should be toward the audience, and they should be instructed to take off towel, pick up object, turn toward audience and shout the name of the object and proceed down table ASAP.

This works SUPER if 1) the crowd is pumped and cheering them on, and 2) the contestants are very competitive and easily scared or highly animated. Have a stopwatch and say, "Susie just did this in 9.34 seconds" so that it's believable. Have fun.

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