Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marshmallows and Coke Game

marshmallows, can of Coke (or Big Red), trash can

Have a girl feed a guy a marshmallow and a guy drink a sip of Coke each time a certain word repeats in a song (like "Roxanne" in the song Roxanne).

Make sure to have a trash can handy, just in case.

Drink Big Red instead of Coke. When the word "red" comes up take a drink, when "Roxanne" comes up eat a marshmallow.


  1. it works better with big red and marshmallows.
    everytime they say red they have to drink and everytime they say roxanne they have to eat a mallow.
    make sure to have something for them to throw up/spit in near by

  2. Do you use the small marshmallows or that next size up that's a medium sized marshmallow?

  3. It probably depends on the size of the kid. We've used medium sized ones with high schoolers and that worked well. If you're working with smaller/younger kids, probably try it out ahead of time and if they can't keep more that 2-3 in their mouths without spitting it out, then use the smaller ones.


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