Sunday, March 21, 2010

Junior Class Play Skit


doctor, director, mother, child

Mother: (enters sweeping the floor)
Son: (comes in the room holding his stomach) Mother, I’ve been shot.
Mother: Oh, my son.
Son: I think I will die mother.
Mother: Oh, son you must not do that. I will call the doctor. (She picks up the phone.) Doctor, Doctor do come quickly, my son has been shot and is dying.
Doctor: (enters immediately as mother hangs up the phone)
Mother: Where have you been, this is an emergency.
Doctor: I had an emergency appendectomy after you called, but I got here as soon as I could.
Son: I feel sick.
Mother: You look sick.
Doctor: You ARE SICK.
Son: I think I will die.
Mother: You must not die.
Doctor: He is dead.
Director: Cut, cut, cut…

First time: Have all the actors read the script with no feeling or emotion. Then the director stops the scene and says there must be more emotion…

Second time: Do it with wild emotion; it’s the saddest thing ever done…weeping and wailing, with very pronounced actions. The director stops again, saying that that was a little too much sadness, this time make it a little lighter…

Third time: It is now very, very funny. Laugh until it hurts.

You can add other variations, such as a hippie (he needs more social identity, etc.)

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