Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pass It Down Skit

popcorn, candy bar, pop, 2 nerd costumes, 5 chairs

4 male, 3 female moviegoers

Have five chairs up front representing a movie theater with 2 of the guys and one female sitting watching a movie. The next two characters come in dressed in very nerdy costumes and acting as if they are out on a date.

The guy is carrying popcorn, candy bar, and the pop. They notice that there are only two seats left so one person sits on one end, and the other on the other end. The guy takes out the candy bar, takes a bite, and then asks the next person to pass it down to his date.

The people in the middle continue to pass the candy bar down, but each takes a bite so that it is gone by the time it gets down to the date. The same thing happens with the popcorn and the pop.

Then, the first guy tries to put his arm around the person sitting next to him, and then asks him/her to "pass it down" which they do. The guy next to the nerdy girl does it, she kind of likes it, and he leaves his arm there. The first guy starts to get upset, but then passes down a kiss, which makes it’s way all the way down the line. The last two "kiss passionately" (hand over mouth type). The first guy goes crazy, but the last two walk out together.

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