Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Abdul The Magnificent Skit

paper, pens, box


This is a mind reading skit which, when done right, is downright spooky. Give each person a slip of paper, and ask them to write out their greatest ambition in life. The slips are then folded, collected, and "Abdul" (who should be dressed appropriately) proceeds to perform the task of reading the sentences to the group without opening the papers.

How is it done? Abdul also puts one slip of paper in the box along with the others, only he puts some kind of identifying mark on his. When the reading starts, he picks one of the slips from the box, rubs it on his forehead without opening it, and offers any sentence as a guess as to what is on the paper. He then looks at the paper, and to his dismay he is wrong, but that will soon be forgotten. He can blame it on the fact that the "spirits" aren’t quite right yet, but that the next one should be better.

It’s important not to dwell on this mistake long. Just get on with the next one. It’s also important not to reveal what was actually on the paper guessed incorrectly. Just get ride of it and go on.

Another slip of paper is held to the forehead, and Abdul then repeats the sentence that was actually on the previous paper. After rubbing his forehead, he opens this second slip of paper, confirms that he is correct and asks the person who wrote that sentence to identify it. Everyone is impressed. Another paper is drawn and again, Abdul repeats the sentence that was on the previously opened slip.

Each time he opens up a slip of paper to see if he is "correct" he is actually learning the next sentence. The important thing is to stay one slip ahead. When he comes to his own slip, which has been held until last, he repeats the sentence on the previous slip, and that takes care of all them. If this is done smoothly, it will really baffle the group.

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