Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boys In The Sandbox Skit

3 dolls, envelop of tickets

3 young boys, 3 young girls

One boy says "Hey, I hear there’s some new girls in town! Yuk, gross, etc." "We hate girls."

Then the girls come in with hair in pig-tails and carrying dolls. The guys abuse them with, "Is that your face or did a ferret crawl up your collar!" etc.

After a few insults the girls get upset and say, "Well if you don’t want to play with us we won’t share our tickets to the Final Four!"

The guys go crazy apologizing . "We’re sorry! We didn’t mean it. We’ll be nice!"

Then the girls get together and conference and decide "OK you can come with us, but first you have to play house!"

The guys get together and you hear, "Play house, we’d rather die, or have scabies! No way!" Until some one distinctly says "final four!" to which they all nod and come out and openly agree.

The girls conference and then decide guys all have to carry dolls. The guys go through the same and finally agree.

The girls say, "You have to hold our hands". The guys finally comply. Then the girls give an envelope with tickets. The guys tear it open to find the final four tickets to the Barbie Doll Beauty Pageant. Each boy and girl exit holding hands and boy crying.

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