Sunday, January 17, 2010

Little Mobile Nemo Skit

long sleeve shirt, safety pins, gloves, shorts with high socks or pants and shoes, elf hat, dark-colored king size sheet or blanket, pillows


This skit works great with Christmas elves or little UPS people (people that carry lots of packages). Here is how it works: this is a single uniform for one person. The person puts a long sleeve shirt over their head, but puts their arms down through the shirt (not in the sleeves). The sleeves must be stuffed to look full, safety pin gloves to the arms as well. Then, put shorts with high socks or pants and shoes on their arms so that they will look like the legs (much like Little Nemo). Pin the shorts or pants to the shirt, throw on an elf hat and you begin to see the littler Nemo.

Then the person kneels down in the middle of a dark-colored king size sheet or blanket with their entire body on the blanket, but their "arms-now legs for the creature" are outside the sheet.
Throw a pillow or two on their legs (their real legs) and then wrap their real legs and body and pillows up into a bundle and pull the tie portion of the bundle over their shoulder and pin it to their fake hands (also pull the sheet up under their fake legs and pin it on their shirt in back for better support as well). Now with their hands, and then dragging their body in what looks to be a big sack.

Remind then to keep their shoulders back and head up for good posture and appearance. Do whatever you want with them, just keep in mind that they have no way to move their fake arms.

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