Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spittoon Boy Skit

rain slicker, boots, hat, goggles, coffee can

3 hillbillies, Spittoon Boy

Three hillbillies acting like they are chewing begin to brag about their spitting prowess. One spits for speed, one for distance and one for power. They decide to have a contest and call out Spittoon Boy (guy enters wearing rain slicker, boots, hat, goggles, and carrying a coffee can).

They each back him up more and spit for distance. He flicks the can each time as if the spit landed in it. The last guy even sends him out side, down the street (he comes back amazed). Now for speed, he flicks the can, he flicks it faster, the third time he flicks before the guy spits. Now for power, he flicks and falters a bit. He flicks and falters more, third time he flicks and spills it (water) all over crowd.

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